Closed - Giveaway Crochet Hooks and Gel Grip - August 30 thru September 8th - Drawing the next Day

NOTE: Comments are on moderation thanks to spammers, so comments will not show up right away.  I will approve them each day, throughout the giveaway.  Once the giveaway is over, I will hide the existing comments.

I am going to try this again.

Two people will receive a set of crochet hooks and a set of gel grips.
I will draw the winners on September 9th.

1) Everyone from around the world is welcome to participate.

2)  If you are under the age of 18, please have your parents permission.

3) Not eligible if you have won crochet hooks in the past.

4) I am leaving this open for anonymous participants.  If you are anonymous, please provide some sort of contact information like an email address or I will have no way to contact you should your name be selected.  Do no post phone numbers or mailing addresses.

5)  You are welcome to leave 10 comments per day. 

Thank you for your participation.

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