How to Crochet with Several Strands of yarn

 This is a demonstration on how to work with several strands of yarn at the same time.  It is not an actual project.  Working with several strands is slow and may cause discomfort in your wrist if you are not used to working with several strands.  You will want to take breaks and stretch your arm out on occasion to reduce potential discomfort.

The two following links will advance you to the segments in the video, for attaching more yarn and hiding the yarn tails.

How to add more yarn - Attaching New Color - Time Code 5:27

Hiding Tails - Time Code 6:58

How to Crochet with Several Strands of yarn


  1. it is pretty complicated to find yarn in my country, well at least the kind of yarn you are using. the most common one is way thinner. so from the very beginning i learned to use several strands (at least 3)
    it might be slow in the beginning but you get used to it real quick.

  2. you always use such pretty color yarns! what colors are you using in this demo?


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