Suggestion for Crochet Baby Cocoon - Crochet Tip #62

This is my suggestion for the crochet baby cocoon. I have many hat patterns posted and would start the baby cocoon out just like a hat. My recommendation is to use a hat pattern. You can substitute a larger crochet hook if the recommended size hook is to small. You can also include additional increase rounds to make it larger.  Continue with as many rounds as you need.  I will be writing a cocoon pattern, extended from an existing hat pattern.


  1. I did just that. I made a pattern for a baby cocoon by using a hat pattern. Mine was a hanging cocoon though, so I used a pattern that wasn't done in a round, but more of a side to side like your headband pattern.

  2. love it love it!! I dabble in crocheting and I also Love photography!! I am recently a stay at home mom and now I will have plenty of time to try all this lovely stuff!!!
    I am wanting to make my own photography prop!!
    Thank you for the info!!

  3. Can't wait to see your always love all your instructional vidz

  4. Would love to see this pattern as well. Thanks for all your great tutorials.

  5. I really loved your idea, so I went to the link of the hat and started experimenting. I'm using Lyon's Brand Yarn Homespun for the yarn and it is coming out pretty good. The only thing I had to change is the number of stitches to use for making the sides, due to the large size of my yarn. I ended up only doing two increases to end up with 14 instead of 18. If you'd like I can send you a picture when it's done. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.


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