Tight Crochet Grip - Crochet Tip #57

Quite often, pain while you are crocheting, can be attributed to holding your hook and yarn to tight when you are crocheting. Repetitive motion may also cause pain.

When I was first learning to crochet, I would have pain in my wrist and arm from the repetitive motion with long hours of crochet.
If I were crocheting with thread, I would run a groove in my finger. I was holding my yarn/thread and hook to tight but did not know I was at the time. It took quite a while for me to learn that I do not have to hold my work with such a tense grip. I attributed the pain to crochet. I have fine tuned my crochet style to reduce pain. The gel grips help a lot too.

I am sharing my experience because pain can be associated to how you hold your work and several hours of crocheting. If you are having constant pain you are not sure about, you should seek medical attention.


  1. I have found that after crocheting awhile, part of my hand goes numb. i never thought that I was holding the crochet hook to tight. Gonna have to watch it now. Thanks for the tip, Teresa!!

  2. Any idea how to do Amigurumi w/o a tight grip? I am experiencing the pain you speak of and I've had to greatly reduce the amount of time I can work on a project. This is fione, but my projects are backing up! <:o

  3. My condition (numbness) is mostly experienced in my left, or fabric-holding hand - especially with pieces that require high tension, like amigurumi and some of my hats. I use crochet hooks with handles of either bamboo or clay added, either by the manufacturer (bamboo) or me (clay). The handles seem to have relieved the numbness in my hook-holding hand.

  4. This is a good tip. I have been having pain (although I do have recurring bouts of CP AND Tendonitis) since I started crocheting so much more. I did actually consider that my grip has been too tight. I am making a conscious effort to loosen up and I've noticed it really helps, and actually makes the stitching easier and faster in the process!


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