Recycle from Clothing - Crochet Tip #58

If you have old clothing that is going to be thrown away, check it thoroughly to see what you can recycle.
  • Save the buttons. They work well for eyes or decorations on your crochet projects.
  • Pockets and zippers may come in handy as an embellishment.
  • Some clothing may have unique designs that can be sewn on to a crochet hat or afghan.
This is a great way to stretch your crafting budget. Please share your ideas on what you recycle and use with crafting.


  1. I tend to cut up plastic bags (non degradable ones) and t shirts etc into strips of about half inch wide and crochet them into rugs.
    also keeping alsorts of things like buttons etc which you have already said,

  2. I made my daughter a princess dress for Halloween by using an adult dress. So I went to the thrift shop and bought a dress with lace over it for $5. Instead of paying $20 for a store bought one, it cost me $5 and just a little bit of work and fun.

    Going to make a levi patchwork quilt from old Levi's.

    Thinking about making a Levi skirt from old jeans. I just can't find a Levi skirt that I like.

    My hands get dry in the winter. I will take old socks and cut space for my fingers and thumb. Put vaseline on my hands, and now I can still use my hands while my hands get their moisture back.

  3. I made rain coat for our dog from fabric of an old umbrella;)
    I fuse plastic bags with ironing and make coin purses.
    I make sock horses and use aprx.half of materials which I recycle...

  4. The link that refers you to the pattern for the Adult slippers from your video - no longer works. How can I find a copy of that pattern?

  5. OOOOh I like this post!! I use mine and my husband's old trousers to make new trousers for my 3 year old! Also I cut out any designs I like from old t-shirts, baby clothes etc and hope I will turn them into a small quilt!Old jumpers make nice wollie hats, old socks make cute sock monkeys and I have even used the button holes from an old shirt (cut out in a strip) to make an adjustable apron and chef's hat for my son!
    Thank you for your wonderfull blog Teresa, many kisses from Switzerland, Nassia xxxx


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