How to Crochet a Wide HeadBand - Ribbing Stitch

How to Crochet a Wide HeadBand - Ribbing Stitch

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: How to Crochet a Wide HeadBand

Video Tutorial: Left Hand How to Wide HeadBand

Skill Level - Intermediate

HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch
TC - Triple Crochet

Size H/5 mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn - Light Weight 4 ply or 3 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle

Row 1: Work 14 Foundation Half Double Crochet

Row 2-46: HDC in the loop below the top of the stitch (this creates the rib effect) in each stitch across. Work the last HDC below the two loops on the last stitch of the edge. This will create a solid edge.

Sew the two edges together working through the same loop that was used to create the rib stitch on one side and through the top stitches on the opposite side. This will push the stitches to the front.


  1. Thank you for your wonderful video tutorials Teresa! I have learned to crochet thanks to you and everytime I have a need for a pettern I always find just the one, here, on your blog. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, your experience and your ideas so freely with all of us, you are a true gem blogger:-)
    Nassy, Switzerland

  2. Oh I cant wait till the end of my day so I can do this!! Thanks!!

  3. Thank you so much, Teresa for your wonderful videos! I love your blog and love so many of your patterns. Thank you so much for sharing! I have learned so much about crochet from you!

  4. I'd like to make one for my niece's first birthday, but I don't know how to make the headband for little bitty one year old heads. ): Do I measure baby's head and just try to make a chain?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, but hopefully, you'll be able to help me. :) You're just so amazing and creative!

  5. I like the headband ,but would like to know if you have this in a hat pattern.
    Thanks for all the patterns and blogs. I am just learning to crochet and all that you do is very helpful

  6. Thank you for posting this pattern. I made this and wrote about it here:

    I love it!

    1. Mrsblock0 - You are welcome. Such a very clever name, Ear Brassiere. The variegated red/purple/yellow is a very pretty color.

  7. This is so cute! I just viewed your YouTube video (very helpful) and I can't wait to make this for a friend who requested a flowered headband. Thanks.

  8. Great, easy pattern. Video was extremely helpful.

  9. Hi I wondered if the wool you use for the video is 4 ply as in the pattern? I have just tried this and mine is no where near as wide as yours looks, nor anywhere near as chunky. I don't usually have trouble with tension so I am confused :o) Unless there is a difference in the wool description from the UK to the USA?


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