What are Your Crochet Accomplishments for 2009

What new projects did you make this year that you had never done before? Did you learn any new stitches or techniques? What is something you want to make that you have never done before?


  1. I didn't know how to crochet at all until this year! Since I learned, I've made 5 scarves in different patterns and am working on my sixth, in a scallop pattern. Soon I'll move on to projects that aren't flat squares :)

  2. I have made hats for 3 grandchildren, scarves for DIL, Hats for the twins (3yrs) and hat for the ggdaughter. all of them gifts. One hat for hubby, made a total of 6 scarves, love that puff stitch, and 2 Christmas trees. Whew, it occured to me, I have not kept anything for me, so today I am working on a scarf and beret for myself. Love your instruction, and videos, as a lefty, they are easy to understand, and so helpful. I found you quite by accident, when i searched for how to do an afghan stitch, then I was totally hooked. thanks for all your hard work.

  3. I just learned to crochet 4 months ago thanks to your videos!!! I've already made lots of hats, fingerless gloves an scarves. I want to learn how to make a purse and maybe a cute bolero. Crocheting is very addictive!

  4. this year I learned how to do the bobble stitch,popcorn stitch, how to front post crochet,made better hats than last year, almost sold out at a craft fair before Christmas! Also...took up knitting again with giant size 50 needles!

  5. I would say that I have learned how to do a fallen scallop stitch, and also worked on a blanket. I say worked, because it's not done and I'm not done w/ it. haha.

  6. Teresa, I think my best accomplishment was finding your blog and your YouTube videos. I've been crocheting for many years but there's always something new to learn. Your video tutorials are the best - thank you so much for everything you do.

  7. I have learned a number of new stitches and and just this year, learned to read crochet patterns!!!! ;-) That was a big accomplishment for me. I look forward to what 2010 has in store.

  8. Before this year all I'd ever crocheted was the edging on baby blankets and burp rags that had been hem stitched. And my double crochet was horrendous! I've since figured those out, I made over 25 dishrags for Christmas gifts, bath hand puppet, baby beanie w/ brim (courtesy of you! thanks!!) and a couple dog sweaters.
    This next year I hope to achieve baby afghans - I have a niece on the way and would love to crochet her an afghan.

  9. i'd never crocheted anything till august of this year, having been a knitter, but since picking it up i've completed a ton of hats scarves and socks, a few mittens/gloves, a shawl, a sweater and a poncho is in the works. i also made a few amigurumi and some ornaments and i've felted a pair of slippers :)

  10. I learnt to crochet christmas 2008 by watching your video's on youtube, and have not stopped since, have made so many things to many to list here,
    Thank You so much,
    Happy New Year

  11. crocheting - was something that had never crossed my mind before.

    i had never learned any crochet skill until one day i found few metres of yarn and one crochet hook while i was keeping up my mom's sewing stuffs and i found few metres of yarn and one crochet hook. and few days later i found your video tutorial on Youtube n i become excited after seeing your done projects. and that was the moment when i started crocheting, n now i keep borrowing crochet books from my University's library (apart from my study books of course :) ).

    n i'd like to thank you very much for all tutorials you have posted up either on your youtube channel or in this interesting blog :)

    the tuts are just like my crochet coach n they really helped me understanding how to do the basic stitches. n now my friends are impressed with my so call new skill. hehe

    until now, i have made few crocheted flowers using your tutorial and i really hope that i can produce and create new things after this.

    warm regards,
    syazwani from Malaysia.

  12. Thanks to you Teresa, I have managed to make 2 baby cardigans, several hats, a pair of mittens and a ton of baby booties. Thank you so much for being there when I needed something to focus on. Wishing you and your family a happy New Year.

  13. While I started crocheting in my school days, I didnot even know the terms like single crochet and double crochet. My mother used to crochet bags and I learnt from her the basic chain stitch and single crochet. Now I myself admire how I fell in love with crocheting and began exploring it. With a little pouch my journey commenced and now I have a handful of projects completed. Also,knowing the terms used in crocheting. Beanie caps, baby booties, toddler slippers, bookmarks, pouches and a yarn bag. Many of these projects' source were from your patterns on youtube and the blog. Foundation half double crochet, picot edging and star stitches were new to me. I pat myself that I have learnt all these in a short span of 6-7 months time.. all because of your clear explanations on net Terasa! Thank you very much!
    I like to try baby jackets and all baby stuffs this coming year..
    Wishing you a very happy new year :)

  14. I have made 5 set of baby booties and hats,6 different design of coin purses,15 set of hair clip, 5 units of cell phone holder,20 pieces of hair scrunchies,3 units of sling bag,3 units of drawstring bags, a dress and a cadigan for my daughter. Your blog always be my reference when I'm in difficulty. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Wishing you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  15. I've only been crocheting for 2 years now and have learned so much from YOU, Thank You... I watch your youtube videos all the time... I made the puff stitch hat last night, so cute. I've made chunky style scarfs and beanies like crazy since Oct. I love it!

  16. I made a afghan out of granny squares of all of my scrap yarn. I started it last Christmas and finished around October. I have also begun crocheting a cover for my lazyboy, but just started. Then I started to make a sweater. I would like to make more clothing though. Things that I can wear, that is why I started the sweater, but with the holidays it has been put on the back burner. Hope to get it done soon though.

  17. I learned to crochet (single stitch only) from a VERY good friend/co-worker about 5 years ago. I haven't expanded my skills until I accidentally ran into your youtube videos (i was searching for how to make bows)3 months ago. I LOVE THEM. You are such a GREAT teacher! I've learned to do a half double crochet, and I've made 4 beanie hats, and a pair of mary jane slippers for a fellow blogger friends new born baby! All by watching and following your instructions. I am HOOKED!
    Thank you!! I look forward to learning more!

  18. i haven't crocheted in years, and all i was able to do was a single crochet stitch to make blankets and scarves. i starting using your tutorials the beginning of this month to crochet some christmas gifts, and i've made some really cute hats, booties, thumbless mittens, and a headband. i'm hooked! =)

    i posted pics of some of my crochet accomplishments on my blog.

    i want to say thank you so much for your helpful blog and tutorials. i owe my new-found skill and passion for crocheting all to you!

    happy new year!

  19. My accomplishments this year were less than normal which is disappointing. My mother was very ill, then past and my time to crochet was less. Also my motivation was less. Perhaps next year will be better.

    I'd like to do more in the coming year for charity, I'd like to have fewer un finished projects going at one time, and maybe actually make something for myself. lol

    Happy New Year

  20. I just found your website today, but I have been crocheting for at least 25 of my 32 years on this earth. I am really enjoying my visit to your site, and plan to stop by a lot more often.

    I would say that my biggest accomplishment this year was all of the crocheting that I did for charity. I have a severe crochet addiction, but no real place for all of the fruits of my labour. (I have tried selling, but have been frustrated with the results.) This year, I have crocheted several dozen hats and scarves for my church's "mitten tree", half a dozen caps for preemies, and my new favourite thing, snuggles for shelter animals! I have made at about 20 this year and have donated them to the Boston Terrier & Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba. They are a very small organization with very large hearts & have been extremely grateful for them.

    Next year, I am hoping to double my efforts & perhaps even get some things to the Project Linus chapter in my area. Another thing that I would love to do, is to donate caps to chemo patients. My family has been touched entirely too many times by cancer (fortunately, my brother & one aunt are both survivors). This year, another aunt was diagnosed with cancer & I got to see firsthand just how valued these chemo caps can be. Unfortunately, my aunt lost her battle, but I believe that her spirit will live on in all of the hats that I will make & donate. As an aside, I am usually able to purchase yarn from the Salvation Army Thrift Stores, so it helps them too!

    Sorry to ramble so much on my first post! I look forward to catching up with all of you wonderful posters in the coming year.

  21. This year I learned how to crochet. I have made lots of things like dish cloths, scarfs, a hat, granny squares, a water bottle cozy, hair scunchies, dish scrubbies, plarn items, swim suits for webkinz pets and many other things. One of my goals for the new year is to make a afghan.

  22. I learned how to crochet just this year as well. Since then I've made countless purses, a few cupcakes, a scarf or two, the crochet baskets for my nieces and nephews, hearts, flowers, countless hats, 1 afghan so far and am currently working on an afghan.

    The pattern for this afghan came from a blanket I saw at my sister's house. She had found the blanket at our local Good Will and I studied it for a bit and counted up the stitches, wrote it down, and am making it.

    I would like to make the crochet stocking that uses the Galaxy Stitch and I'd love to make gloves/gauntlets. Especially for this time of year in Ohio.

  23. i too just learned how to crochet this year. have made about 15 blankets 3 afghans dozens of hats 6 or 7 bags a few scarves and made some money doing it!!! my next adventure is a dress.

  24. Happy New Years to every one :)
    my acomplishmeny was to learn to crochet:) and I did so far I have made 7 hats 2 scarves and 2 head bands.
    Am hoping that next year I learn defferent stiches :3

  25. I have made a white baby afghan with pink scalloped edges and pink crochet flowers on the corners, 1 matching pink booties also had a smaller flower in front. I have also made a winter scarf for my son, 4 different styles of winter hats, I made a crochet sweater for my 5 year old son, it was supposed to be for my 7 years old son but even though I followed the directive from online it wasn't big enough but I also think that I made different yarn than indicated in the instruction. It doesn't really matter as I have 3 sons from 7 to 2 :) I really love all your videos on you tube and the crochet design and I am looking forward to make all iof you pattern. Thank you soo much.

  26. This was the first year I had ever looked on the internet for crochet and knitting information. I have been crocheting for 65 years and this year I learned about foundation rows and the magic circle, which I had never heard about, and I love them. Your videos were wonderful teaching aids. I spend a lot of time making chemo hats every year and will continue to do this every year of my life. Also make gifts for my family and a few for myself.

  27. I learned to crochet about a year ago. I joined the prayer shawl ministry at my church and have loved it. I have made 5 throws (3 different patterns), 4 shawls (2 different patterns) 3 scarfs, and 2 lap blankets. I just finished a granny ripple lap blanket that was my favorite. thank you so much for your videos - my group only meets once a month and more than once I was able to 'figure' things out thanks to one of your videos.

  28. Hi Teresa!
    My crochet accomplishments for 2009 have to start with the chain stitch about 3 weeks ago!
    Since then, I have made a flower, 4 hats (2 for me and 2 for my mother), and 8 large (12 x 12 inches) granny squares for a bed throw... the granny squares were only supposed to be about half that size, but I loved the idea of having huge patch-type squares.
    As well, as still working on the bed throw, I started another throw (in a different color-way) made from a mix of different types of square, a hot water bottle cover for my son... and I've just subscribed to a crochet partwork (which no doubt I'll need your video tutorials to clear up the rather dodgy instructions!).

    So, thanks again, Teresa, and all the very best for a happy and healthy 2010.


  29. I made a belt and some baby booties.
    In 2010, I am going to make blankets.
    I have decided to make various items such as hats, blankets, and slippers to give to the local orphanage at Christmas.
    I am also planning on crocheting some toys.

  30. Hi Just last week i started learning crochet. Now i am doing a hat foR MY 1 YR OLD SON. i have already did one. I would like do sweater for my son CAN u help me out.

    Wish u Happy New Year


  31. I made a big triangle scarf(Don't know the english word for it, sorry) using the granny square from one of your videos. I also made two wine holders/bags(A little handbag like thing that has room for one bottle of wine) All things as gifts. I plan to do alot more this year.

  32. I am just smitten with tunisian crochet and attempted my first entrelac pattern...which I just love! The instant pattern that emerges is sooooo cool!

    Now, my goal for 2010 is to finally get the hang of crocheting cables -- ugh! There is the most delightful cable scarf pattern on Ravelry that I want to do, but can't because the pattern just boggles my mind! For example-- this is the second row:

    Row 2 (right side) Ch 2, turn, hdc in first 2 hdc, FPdc
    around next hdc 2 rows below; hdc in next 4 hdc, sk
    2 hdc, FPtr around next 2 hdc 2 rows below; working
    in front of previous 2 FPtr, FPtr around 2 skipped hdc
    2 rows below, hdc in next 4 hdc; FPdc around next
    hdc 2 rows below, hdc in last 2 hdc.

    What does that mean???????? *grin*

    Well, anyway. Deciphering this should keep me waaaaay busy this year.

    Happy New Year Teresa! Your blog/posts/videos are such a wonderful resource for me!

    Blessings for a creative 2010!

  33. Well, I learned how to crochet in 2009! woo hoo. I've made about 10 scarves, different patterns, v stitch, double crochet, triple crochet, shell, I made a carseat blanket with sunrise pattern and I finished a baby blanket for my new niece coming in February!. This year, I've already started my Granny square blanket, just 30 more squares to go, and then hooking them together of course. What a year it will be. I want to make clothes, bags, anything as long as im crocheting!

  34. Teresa,... Just wanted to know if there are any yarn shops in Savannah.... My hubby and I are going to be in town toward the end of the month and I will be checking out the town while he is at business meetings... Maybe we can have lunch or just visit while I'm in town.. would love to... Tam

  35. Tam,
    My favorite stores are AC Moore, Michaels and Joann Fabric and Crafts. AC Moore is in the Savannah Mall and Michaels is across the street from Best Buy. There is also Wild Fiber but I have not been there.

  36. I croched scarves for my sisters this year for Christmas and also sent one to my husbands only sister. I had total knee replacement done in March 2009 and crocheted a full size fuzzy blanket, I pieced a full size throw (it was suppose to be back of sofa size, but it turned out larger.. to cuddle with) out of 6" blocks. I have learned how to created better bobbles and popcorn stitches as well as front post and back post crochet in 2009. I truly think I like the half double crochet stitch the best (does not allow for toes to slip through like a double crochet stitch would). I am working on blanket for my youngest son (he's 20) for his bed using strips about 6-8" wide and about 74" long. I have several other projects planned for 2010.

  37. Everything! I just learned this year. My good friend taught me the basics a few months ago, then I totally forgot how to do it, I then tried doing it again without looking up directions and totally messed up! I started searching You Tube and came across your channel. I since then have made several wash cloths for practice, a Hat with a brim, a scarf and fingerless gloves all that match :) I look forward to moving onto bigger things soon!

  38. I learned how to crochetknit.


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