Vintage Crochet Patterns

Do any of you use Ebay to find crochet patterns? I know I have fun bidding on the old Vintage Crochet Patterns. They are the ones that cost .10 cents back when they were new. Now they are falling apart with a price of $2.00 or more. I do have a few that my Grandma gave me and several more that I have purchased. I have noticed that the price and demand for the Magic Crochet, Crochet Fantasy and Decorative Crochet have gone up in the Ebay auctions. I really miss new issues of Magic Crochet. It had all of the thread and lace that I love to make.


  1. I sell alot of vintage crochet patterns in my etsy shop so take a look sometime as you might find something you need...

  2. Dani,
    What is the link to your Etsy shop?

  3. Thanks giving me the tip. I never thought about going over there and looking for patterns, Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hi Teresa
    I've bought some vintage books over at Ebay, but mostly now I go with Celty's Yahoo or for purchasing I visit or I have to admit, I love the vintage patterns. oh! and don't forget to visit for some really rare beauties. Nice group at Yahoo does these, some very, very vintage.

    I will say re: Ebay, I have found some good bargains, but really must be careful: so many scammers mailing photo copies or torn pages from books. Really sad.


  5. Teresa, Go over to Etsy and query crochet patterns under vintage - you'll find several for the lacy things you like to work up.

    Whereas I'm still working on beanies and scarfs, my mother used to make beautiful lace doilies and tablecloths. Too bad I wasn't interested while she was here to teach me.

  6. MikoNoNyte, I do remember the digital sellers that would scan their books and resell them. I have not seen one in a while. I am on CeltsVintageCrochet and have found a few patterns from there.

  7. Hello I write from sonora, mexico I like knitting and your blog I feel wonderful thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas

  8. Hi I love your patterns howeber it seems when I try to print them all I get is 1 page and it's of the google add you have on the top/ any ideas how I can get a printout of your patterns?

  9. Debbie,
    This is a setting for the printer. You will click on print preview. You will change the scale to 60% or less. You can preview the settings before you print to make sure all of the pattern is fitting and then print.

  10. Just found your video tutorial on YouTube for the crochet slinky flower and I love love love it! Thank you.

  11. Teresa, I've been going over your blogs, trying to understand how to do certain stitches I'm trying out; and found this post. I've been getting vintage and antique patterns for free at:
    You need a pdf reader and sometimes adobe reader. Just type crochet into the search engine. I usually leave it on "all media types",and then search. It will bring up a list and you click on one that interests you; and then it will take you to a page with more specifics on that pattern book. You can then choose from the list on the left how you would like to view it. When you choose the pdf option it takes a few minutes to load and then you can save to a folder on your computer by using the save feature of the PDFs program toolbar.
    I should warn you that this site can be addicting! I crochet,craft,knit,sew, and currently I am into Irish crochet and learning about lace making. I'm considering trying out making some of the lampshades I've seen on this site that are crocheted and some of the painted ones. They also have some antique/vintage magazines with crafts/projects/recipes that are interesting.
    Some of the patterns you have been buying have probably come from this site. The advantage of buying them would be saving on ink and paper. I've spent more money on ink and paper and have actually wondered if buying them might be worth it. I've learned a lot from this site about the history of crochet; and some of the terms used; and translated to today's use can be "amusing?".
    I hope you find it useful and that you get this since this is an earlier blog.
    Have fun!

    1. Thank you Kimberly. Google Play has a lot of free older vintage patterns since I originally posted this.


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