Modifying Hat Sizes - Crochet Tip #56

There are several sizes of hats that can be made with in a larger hat pattern. Modifying sizes can be a lot of fun. You may even find your own unique design as you are experimenting with different sizes. When making a custom hat, you will need the head size of the child/person you are making it for.

I did a recent example of different sizes in one pattern, with the Pixie Cap. The pattern shows four different stopping points, to continue on with the length of the cap. This can be done with any adult size cap when you are looking for a child/youth size or even a toddler/baby size. There may be an amount of trial and error, with fine tuning the size you want.

Hat Size Chart

Pixie Cap

What type of modifications have you made to hats and caps?


  1. I used your pattern for the beanie and I made a hat for my 1 year old niece just by subtracting one row and doing a HDC in 2 chs and skipping 1 ch. I even made a chin strap and a flower to pin on it. She looked so pretty in it

  2. I had a friend who wanted a looooooonnggg stocking cap. I found a Santa-style stocking hat and added enough rows to it to make it about a foot and a half long. She loved it.


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