Google Translator for Crochet Patterns

Google Translation is a great tool for communicating. It is also a great way to translate written crochet patterns to your native language. I use Google Translation often and appreciate being able to communicate with everyone around the world.

Google Translation


  1. I'm afraid not all the patterns are translated correctly... i'm trying to do a diamond ridges hat... and i found it very difficoult cos 1)the instruction are not that cleare, 2) i can't find the expalation of all the steches involved... i'm becoming crazy, round 4 and 5 don't go as they should and i've tried to do them 5 times now! still the result is not the expected one. poor me :(

  2. anyway i love your videos and projects!

  3. Thanks for the tip Teresa!!! I ahve found several patterns that I wnat to try that were in french or spanish and several other languages. Now I have a tool to help. Thanks again!!!

  4. Rebecca’s Darck Layre”cannot be translated into French at all because the dictionary used by the program does not contain the words “darck” and “layre.” Likewise, all misspelled words will remain untranslated. The final result will be a hodge-podge of translated please visit and untranslated words, impossible for anyone to understand.


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