Crochet SnowFlake #6

Crochet SnowFlake #6
Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Crochet SnowFlake #6
Video Tutorial: Left Hand Crochet SnowFlake #6
Skill Level - Intermediate
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch
Size 3 Steel Crochet Hook
Crochet Cotton
Small Needle

Chain 7, join

Round 1: *Chain 3, Single Crochet in the loop, Repeat 8 times total from *.

Round 2: Ch 3, Work 2 DC in the same loop, CH 2, *Work 3 DC, CH 2, complete 7 times total from *, join with the beginning chain.

Round 3: *Chain 4, Work a cluster through the top of the 3 previous DC. CH 4, SC in the CH 2 space. Complete 8 times total from *. Work a Triple Crochet at the base of the beginning chain, instead of the last chain 4. You will want to end at the top by the cluster. Slip stitch back in to the top of the cluster.

Round 4: ** Chain 6, join, slip stitch in to the chain 6 * CH 4 SC in the loop, complete 5 times total from * (5 chain 4 loops), CH 3, SC in the next loop, CH 3 SC in the next loop, CH 3, SL ST in the center of the next cluster, Complete 8 times total from**

Crochet Snowflake Right Hand Tutorial

Crochet Snowflake Left Hand Tutorial


  1. That's really pretty and does look easy. Think I'll make some to hang on the tree.

  2. While this is very pretty, it is not a snowflake, as all snowflakes, while unique, have just six points. Just sayin'.


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