Current Crochet Project and Fall Memories

I am finishing up a thread doily, just because I love working with thread.  What is everyone working on now?  Are you getting started with holiday projects?  Maybe you have finished already.  Here in the USA, we have Fall upon us along with Halloween at the end of the month.   I know Germany is in the middle of Oktoberfest. Please share favorite family traditions or celebrations that are happening this time of the year in your country .

One of my favorite memories is from when I was a kid. My parents would take us to the local apple orchard in the fall.  We would get some pumpkins, apples, gourds and apple cider. It always smelled so good there.  Once we got everything home, over the next few days my mom would be busy making caramel apples and homemade apple pies.


  1. I originally come from Holland and there in fall time we go over to the forrest to collect colourful leaves, chestnuts, acorns and sticks. At home we make spiders with the chestnuts, little puppets with the acorns and with the rest we built a mini forest to put the spiders and puppets in.
    But now I live in Spain and we don't have much fall leaves here! But they do celebrate Halloween over here so I am crocheting a pumkin. Will post it on my blog when it's done.
    Hugs, Floortje

  2. Olá, amiga!
    Belas lembranças!
    Tenha um ótimo final de semana.

  3. Ah fall my favorite time of the year. We are headed to Disney 2 weeks from today, no traditional trick-or-treating for us this year we're doing it in the Magic Kingdom. This will be my kids, ages 5 & 7 first trip.

    I'm making mary jane slippers for the teachers. Very fun and easy to do.

  4. Oi;Amiga!
    Tudo bem?
    Seus trabalhos são muitos lindos,
    No meu blog tem 2 selinhos p/voce,vai
    Fica com Deus!!!!
    Angela Barcellos

  5. Autumn is my favourite time of year, the New Forest can be so beautiful when the leaves change, (It has been a very mild September and they are all still green!)

    Halloween has begun to follow the US, with lots of kids wandering the streets! (when I was a child we heard about it but to our disappointment no adults would take it up!) I do remember doing some wierd creepy things, (peeling an apple in one go, looking in the mirror while throwing it over your shoulder was supposed to reveal you future husband!)
    I get loads of sweets in now, leave a candle burning on the doorstep and have even dressed as a witch! (one boy got very scared!) it is great fun!

  6. in Greece we have a lot of time until Christmas...but I'm getting ready...I'm making home for Christmas from November... Wish you the best...and please...please...please if you'll find time make the video with the grapes...Thank you...

  7. My sister and I have made a list of people in our family we are sending gifts to this year, then we each chose a christmas themed pattern from the ones you have posted and are going to make ornaments for everyone on our list. I'm doing the Christmas tree which i modified a bit to give it a snowy look, and my sister is making snowflakes! Thanks so much for having videos on everything we could ever wish for in crochet! Thats how we got started crocheting...about a month ago, and now we cant stop!

  8. Hi Teresa, Thanks for all you do for us.I would like to know if you would teach us how to crochet those little dress potholders? They are so vintage looking.Thanks

  9. my favorite fall memory has to be....decorating my own pumpkin (i painted a girl face with black hair) and my mom making a haunted house pumpkin....And for the holidays; i'm knitting a blanket for my mom and socks for my hubby.

  10. I love the fall and everything that comes a long with it. To me it has always signaled the beggining of the best time of the year. I have many great memories of Halloween, thanksgiving and christmas. One of my favorites is of christmas when I was a little girl. My mom made my sister and I a doll in a blanket. The doll had a plastice face and hands, one had a plastic bottle in it. She was crochet into a blanket and had a crochet body. I was wondering if you knew how to make this and could help me out. I would love to make one for my daughter.

  11. While fall is not my favorite season (summer is), I do enjoy the leaves changing colors and crisp mornings. Also my favorite apples, Honeycrisp are in season right now. I'm working diligently on holiday crochet projects and getting ready for my first craft show. I hope to take my kids to a corn maize and the fair. The Dixie Classic Fair is our little tradition. Enjoy every moment everybody!

  12. I´m living in Austria and here the kids craft their own lanterns which they then lighten up beginning of november singing songs together walking through the dark.
    Halloween has become more and more popular here too.

  13. Hey! I am from India. And tomorrow is Deepavali (also spelled Diwali). It's one of the many festivals that is celebrated in the entire country (With most of the festivals being specific to a region). It's amazing! In my house there is a traditional pooja (prayer) at 4 in the morning. Then we plan to light diyas(earthern lamps) and burst crackers. The Diwali night is simply awesome. You get to watch fireworks.


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