Blankets can be made with Filet Crochet

Afghan Image courtesy of Herr Projects. All proceeds created by Herr Projects benefit the homeless and less fortunate in the Oklahoma City area. The afghan was made with 4 ply yarn and will fit the top of a queen size bed.

You may find more Filet Crochet Charts by visiting Free Filet Crochet Charts and Patterns.

Filet Crochet
Native American 1

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Chain 301.

Chain 3 to to turn which will count as the first double crochet.Below is an estimate for the various size thread.

Size Estimate:

Crochet Cotton Size 10- width= 23", height=25.5", Steel Hook 7, 1163 yds

Crochet Cotton Size 20- width= 22", height= 24.5", Steel Hook 9, 1091 yds

Crochet Cotton Size 30- width= 21", height= 23.5", Steel Hook 11, 1020 yds


  1. Just so I ahve this straight, you make the filet with double crochet correct? and every square that is black, is a dc?

  2. Wow that's great! I didn't know that could even be done. :)

  3. Harold,
    Yes, filet crochet is done with a double crochet and the blocks are filled in to create the design. You can even invert the design to do the opposite where it is all filled in and the mesh blocks create the design.


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