Slinky Crochet Flower

Slinky Crochet Flower

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Slinky Crochet Flower

Video Tutorial: Left Hand Slinky Crochet Flower

Skill Level:  Intermediate

SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
TC - Triple Crochet
QC - Quadruple Crochet

Tapestry Needle

This flower curls right around like a curly cue. You can make it as full/long as you want to while using any combination of petals.

Make a chain of 31.

Row 1: work a single crochet in the second chain from the hook, chain 2, skip 1 chain, work a single crochet in the next chain. Continue across. This is not a project that has to be precise. If you end up with an extra chain at the end, go head and make the last chain 2 and single crochet right next to the last single crochet. With this chain amount you will have about 15 chain 2 loops.

There is a variety of ways to make the petals. You can make your petals all the same or make them all different.

Petal 1: CH 1, 4 HDC, CH 1 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Petal 2: CH 1, 6 HDC, CH 1 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Petal 3: CH 1, 5 DC, CH 1 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Petal 4: CH 2, 5 DC, CH 2 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Petal 5: CH 1, 3 DC, SC, 3 DC CH 1 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Petal 6: CH 2, 5 TC, CH 2 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Petal 7: CH 2, 3 TC, HDC, 3 TC, CH 2 SL ST. All in the same chain loop.

Upon completion, you will cut off a long tail. Wind the flower around and shape it how you want it to look. Weave the needle through the stitches and push it to the opposite side going through all layers of the flower. Repeat this several times for a secure flower. Knot the tail and hide it when all layers are secure.


  1. Oh cute! I make a purse that this would look so cute on!
    Thanks Teresa!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have a general question for you. For joining granny squares...and I'm a beginner/intermediate crocheter...would you recommend joining with single crochet or a different way. I've looked through your info and googled the topic. I'm making a largish throw/afghan and the granny squares are about 8" so I want it sturdy. I don't think a lacing type stitch would be sturdy enough for the weight and size. I'm interested to know what you think.

  4. ladyblueberry48,
    Single crochet will work great for joining square. There are many different ways to join them.

  5. Hi Teresa,

    I love your tutorials.. you're a great teacher and I just started crocheting and love creating flowers. my question is: How can I create really puffy looking flowers... I want lots of volume. Is it the size of the yarn... the number of crochets. Please Help.
    - Liat

  6. Dear Teresa. Many thanks for this wonderful tutorial. For quite a lot of time I was looking exactlu for this. You've made me happy.

    I was working on my flower decoration flong with your story and this time it worked out perfectly. One more thanks!

  7. I have been looking for a beautiful accent flower all over the place and have yet to find one that is both beautiful and simple....until now. Thanks!

  8. Did I miss where the QC was used or was it just implied that I can continue on with the pattern? Thank you for a simple, yet beautiful pattern.

  9. i think it would look nice to make a layer in a different color.

  10. I love this flower. The pattern and video don't match up for the # and type of stitches... kind of hard for a newbie to follow.

  11. @ANONYMOUS: The video and the written instructions are flexible. This way you can make the flower as long or short as you want and with different petal sizes. This may not be a flower for a beginner.

  12. Thanks Teresa. I'm going to whip up a few of these for the
    Cheery Cherry Bombing project.
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  13. I am also wondering where the QC comes in? I have 15 loops and the instructions only go up to 7 loops??

  14. Look on youtube for the slinky crochet flower.

  15. This was the perfect flower for my hat that I made for a cute little 3 yr old. I added an old, beautifully detailed button in the center - PERFECT! Your video is wonderful. Thank you, thank you!

  16. I am teaching myself crochet and I have to say that my flower turned out so cute. I have tried other crochet tutorials on you tube and you are very informative and took each step slowly so I could keep up. Thank you so much for posting this on you tube.

  17. I am sort of an intermediate/beginner skill level at crochet, and this was a very simple and quick project - and a good introduction to piecing together crochet items, since I have never needed to employ a needle before. Your encouragement to avoid worrying about perfection was appreciated - somehow I wound up with eleven petals. >.< But it's cute! Thank you for a great tutorial.

  18. Thank you so much for taking the time to post such a thorough and understandable tutorial. I made a flower to adorn a knitted scarf. I may begin to decorate my entire home with these gorgeous flowers. Do you think my husband will mind a couch covered with crocheted flowers? Perhaps I'll just stick to pillows and scarves for now...

    1. You have got to share a picture and share it, if your cover your whole couch with crochet flowers.

  19. I am teaching myself to crochet, and must say that your tutorial was the most helpful. Thank you for the slow, detailed instructions. I was able to pause the video when I needed to, and completed my first flower in 30 minutes! Thanks!

  20. This is THE BEST tutorial! I have made sooo many hats as giftsets this Christmas. I didn't watch the video but your written instructions were concise and clear and easy to do. I linked your tutorial off of my blog. Happy crafting!

  21. thank you so very much! neither my mom nor my grandmaw taught me to crochet when i was younger but i always wanted to learn. being able to see how a stitch is formed is so much more helpful than any of the 'teach yourself' books i've used over the years.

  22. Thank you SO MUCH for this!! I am linking my blog post ( to this one, I am a beginner at crocheting and this was so very helpful!

  23. I love your rose! I would also enjoy making leaves to attach to a green wire (stem) which is covered with floral tape (green)......... can you please show me how to make leaves? In the past I had a pattern which I purchased (can't remember where); this booklet had a rose pattern made with bedspread yarn (doubled); and then further instructions how to make a leaf using a thin wire to mold and shape the leaf. It was very easy to follow and the roses turned out pretty and cheerful with the stem and leaves! I either lost the pattern or misplaced it; and cannot find it anywhere to replace. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

  24. thank you so much :)

  25. This is great! Truly appreciate it. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  26. Thanks so much for your help!!! I'm a knitter but love crochet flowers so much better. I have no idea what I'm doing and you helped so much. Thank you for sharing this


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