Crochet Hooks - Aluminum vs Plastic, Bamboo, Wood

What I like about the aluminum and steel hooks is that they do not bend. My thoughts are if the plastic hooks have any flexibility, it may make a difference in how I crochet. Flexible plastic will slow me down and affect the consistency of my stitches. If the plastic hook is solid, then it should not make much of a difference. I will use non-flexible hard plastic hooks from time to time.

I have never used a bamboo or wooden hooks to complete a full project. The video tutorial with novelty yarn is the only experience I have had with a wooden hook. It is not enough for me to form an opinion one way or the other.

Please share your experiences and likes or dislikes about crochet hooks you have tried in the past.


  1. I use bamboo hooks and needles exclusively. They're very lightweight and work well with all the yarns I've used.

  2. Hi
    I use metal hooks as well,
    the plastic ones tend to bend a lot,
    Not tried bamboo

  3. i live in a place where not many people know much about crochet and so it's almost impossible to find hooks! so far i have one (yes!) steel hook which is small and that makes me stay in a very limited area in crochet world!!! i have tried to get more hooks from friends and still trying and also so excited about the give away! :)
    <3 M.

  4. I have tried many different kinds of hooks over the years and my favorite are the Clover brand plastic hooks. They are hard plastic with and ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in my hand. They also allow me to crochet for many hours and have improved my speed as well. After I found them I bought the entire set and haven't put them down since.

  5. I do amigurumi with very tight stitches. I use aluminum hooks and they do bend. If bamboo or wooden hooks are lighter than I may have to give them a try. Maybe they'll be a little kinder to my fingers. I swear I have 'Boye' imprinted on my fingertips.

  6. I've used many kinds of hooks.The Boye aluminum are my favorite!

  7. I prefer aluminum hooks, and I like the Susan Bates brand... the angle of the hook at the end is less likely to snag my work. I bought one of her aluminum hooks with the bamboo handle & I love it. I don't really grip the bamboo handle very much, but I like that bit of extra weight at that end... I think I can crochet faster b/c of it! :)

  8. I really like bamboo hooks. I just like the feel of the 'wood' in my hand and they work well with all kinds of yarns. They're my favourite.

    Carisa Crochets is right about the Clover 'Reflections' Plastic hooks. They've got a padded handle that is wider and fits nicely in your hand. You don't tire out as fast and your fingers won't ache from holding onto it all those hours crocehting.

    In my collection I have metal, aluminium, wood, bamboo, plastic and even bone. Bamboo for me!

  9. Great information. I am learning things from all of you. I have been thinking about trying some bamboo crochet hooks. I am not real familiar with the Clover crochet hooks but I do like the idea of the larger handles.

  10. I actually just made a long post about this:

    I like plastic hooks, the bending doesn't bother me. I kind of like how soft and light they are. I'm not a fan of wood because I've never found one I like though I'm sure good ones exist. The hardness of metal isn't as comfortable as plastic for me but anything inline will work for me :)

  11. G'day, I use metal hooks all the time as I've tried the plastic ones & I must be a bit rough or something cause I always broke them so I bought the metal ones.
    I did buy a beautiful wooden one not long ago - made out of rosewood & all turned on the end... I find it lovely to work with, light & well balanced & I've used it for several projects but only have the one[shhh it was a rather extravant & indulgent buy... but I love it & feel great using it]... OOroo... B

  12. I have two bamboo hooks. One I have used a couple of times but never to finish the piece it started. I found that it did a bad job of keeping my stitches as tight as I wanted them.

  13. I mostly use aluminium hooks and they are good, i ve not tried the plastic ones. i always liked the idea of a wooden hook so I managed to carve a good one out of an unused chopstick. Like Maaja, i live in a place where people are not very familiar with the words crochet and hook. Hey Maaja, we're neighbours!

  14. Hands-down the aluminum hooks are the best choice in my opinion.

  15. I've crocheted for about 30 years with the aluminum and steel hooks. I have arthritis, and the aluminum hooks really make my hand hurt. I bought a couple of Clover bamboo hooks and they are wonderful. They worked great, feel warm in your hands, and I have very little arthritis pain when using them.

    The only plastic hook I have is for crochetnit. It works well, does not bend, and also does not hurt my hands.

    If you have arthritis in your hands, I would highly recommend the bamboo hooks.

  16. What do you think about acryl hooks? I've ordered some and I can't wait to get them. I've also ordered some bamboo hooks. From abroad since I can't find any good hooks here.

  17. Just us - Just me,
    I have used acrylic hooks and they work well as long as they do not bend. I am not fond of the plastic hook that move as you are crocheting.

  18. Hello! I just found you today, and this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I don't have problems using any particular hook, but! the length and girth will affect whether or not I use the hook often. I have large hands and if its too short/slender it will not work well for long times of crocheting, and my arthritis will flare if I force it.

    In my search, I tried an afghan hook, various brands of aluminum and plastic and the Clover ergo hooks. The best I ever found was the aluminum hook/bamboo handle Susan Bates. I have a C, G, 7, H, and J and they are marvelous. Just long enough, with the warmth of wood and enough girth that I don't get cramps. They just started making steels like this, and I am anxious to try them to see if I can finally use thread.

    I don't know where you are located, but if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, they carry the regular hooks in the store. I have yet to find the steels online, or in a store. I'm hoping I can find them and use it as gift request for my birthday or Christmas!


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