Crochet Abbreviations - Skip or Miss

Over the years I have come across patterns that will tell you to MISS a stitch. It does sound confusing. This is the same as SKIP a stitch. Maybe there is someone who knows more about where the term MISS came from. I suspect it is a European term from Great Britain.

SK - Skip


  1. I agree that "miss" is a bit confusing!

  2. I haven't encountered such patterns, though I imagine that it can be confusing.

    However, that's nothing to the myriad of different hook sizes and descriptions for yarn size, and stitch names and definitions! I think someone sadistic came up with all of these, intended to make crocheters around the world descend slowly into madness. LOL.

  3. The Artful Hooker,
    The yarn has gotten worse and more confusing than ever. It was just a few years ago that a certain brand had just plain old 4-ply yarn every since I have been crocheting. Now they have 4-ply medium. Not only that there are many types of 4-ply cotton that are no where the same in size. At least the crochet hooks have a measurement by Millimeters. I would think the yarn could be gauged the same.


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