Wheel Stitches - Crochet Tip #53

The wheel stitch may be time consuming but it is well worth the work. Keep in mind that crochet pattern stitches can easily be modified to use more or less stitches. If you are working with a wheel stitch that suggests 7 stitches, you can modify it to use 9 stitches instead. The same is true if you want to go from 7, down to 5.

It is not necessary to use the stitch in a demonstration. Maybe you do not want to use a triple crochet so you can use a double crochet instead.

I would recommend doing a pattern swatch to work through your modified version, prior to starting your project. You will want to make sure the modified version is going lay flat and look right. This will give you a small piece to practice through any errors and become familiar with the new modified version prior to starting your project. We all know how disappointing it is to rip because of an error.

NOTE: I have seen the wheel stitch go by several different names which is not unusual for most crochet stitches. The common one is Catherine's Wheel. It also goes by Harlequin Stitch and Jumbo Pinwheel.


  1. hmmm, Iv never done that one before, is it hard?

  2. Just letting you know how awesome you are, and thank you for the cable crochet tut on youtube :)
    I featured you on my blog!

  3. Renee',
    If you are new to crochet it may be challenging. Once you have the understanding of the stitch placement, it is not hard at all. The stitch is the same through the whole project. Once you do it, you will never forget it after working it so many times.

  4. Andie,
    Thank you, I appreciate your comment and the mention on your blog. Please comment if you have pictures on your blog, you want to share.

  5. HI Teresa I love this pattern and your video for the instructions I'm just making mine out of scraps that I'm trying to get rid of but as soon as I'm done I will send you a picture or a video response keep up the awesome work it is beautiful


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