Information Label for Crochet Gifts or Merchadise - Crochet Tip #52

Each of us have probably sold a project that we have made at one time or another or given it away as a gift. My suggestion is to inform the recipient that the project is not coming apart if a tail happens to pop out after a wash cycle. You may want to include a simple set of instructions on how to sew the tails back in between the stitches.

Many years ago a friend of mine brought me a afghan that her grandma had made, because she thought it was falling apart. The only thing that had happened was some of the tails has popped out after washing. I knotted, secured and sewed the tails back between the stitches with her watching. I let her know that the afghan was not falling apart and that tails could come out again after a wash cycle. She was very relieved to know that was all it was. After that, she knew how to take care of it herself.


  1. You know, I have had this same thing happen to me just recently. An afghan that I had made and given a friend was brought to me and I was asked to fix the spots where it was "coming apart". After I examined it, most of the spots that were supposedly coming apart, were just the tails coming out. Just weaved them back in and the afghan was good as new.

  2. I've done this when I made a baby blanket for a friend. I printed out care instructions for the specific yarn, and also how to care for loose tails.


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