Bavarian Crochet Stitch Blanket

Crochet Blanket Wheel Stitch Square - Catherine's Wheel

Video Tutorial: Bavarian Crochet Stitch

Crochet Dad has a variation of the wheel stitch square using a wheel stitch rectangle. Great idea Crochet Dad!!!

Written by Teresa Richardson

Joined Stitches - The joined stitches will be done by wrapping the yarn around your hook twice, insert the hook through the stitch, pull the yarn through the stitch, wrap the yarn over your hook, pull through two loops, wrap the yarn over, pull through two loops. Leave the last loop of each stitch on your hook. There will be 5 loops on the hook for the corner joined, 8 loops on the hook for the flat edge joined.


  1. The wheel stitch with the back post is a heavier stitch using more yarn. It will make a nice and warm afghan.
  2. The wheel stitch square can be modified and used with double crochet.
  3. The wheel stitch can be easily modified to use more stitches in each wheel

CH 5, Join.
Round 1: *CH 3, work 4 TC joined, CH 1 to secure, CH 3, SL ST in the CH. Complete 4 times total from *. See diagram for stitch placement.

Round 2: * 10 TC in the center eye of the corner joined stitch, SL ST between stitches, Repeat around from *. See Diagram (There will be 4 corner shells at this point. This is the foundation, setting up the square to expand and get larger)

Round 3: Skipping 3 TC on the corner, *SL ST in to the next ST, CH 3, work 4 joined TC across 4 stitches, ch to join, CH 3, SL ST in the same stitch you just completed. Flat Edge Valley - CH 3, Work 7 joined triple crochet across the 3 previous TC, SL ST , 3 TC. CH 3. Repeat from * 4 times total.
See Diagram. (There will be 4 corner clusters of 4 TC joined and 4 clusters of 7 TC joined)

Round 4:
* 10 TC in the center eye of the corner joined stitch, SL ST between stitches, 6 TC in center joined stitch of the flat edge. Repeat around from *. See Diagram (There will be 4 corner shells with 10 TC and 4 shells on the flat edge of 6 TC)

Rounds 3-4 will be repeated to make the square larger. You can do the traditional triple crochet or a back post triple crochet for the ridge effect as in the image above.

There will be 1 additional wheel stitch on each side as you progress with each round.


  1. Oh i Love that, Ok Id never be able to make that :(

  2. Renee',
    I bet you can make that.

  3. That is so unusual, I would love to see a project made from this...

    Thanks as always


  4. Barbara Bradford,
    I am slowly working on a baby afghan with this stitch. It will look different in each side. If you look at the part two of this video, you will see what it looks like through round 12 at the end of the video.

  5. I would love to see what the public side looks like.
    Thanks for the how-to and videos

  6. Christa,
    If you saw the image on this page then you saw the right side. I have not gotten very far along. I will post another image when I get farther along.

  7. This is just beautiful. I can not wait to try!

  8. Hi Teresa, I have always loved seeing your new blogposts and videos and I can't help but wonder if you use a software to make your crochet charts. Could you please tell me how you make your charts?

  9. Is there a technique for finishing off this pattern?

  10. This pattern is Wonderful! I used it to make a pillow-sham for a Christmas gift. You can see it here:

    I tried linking to your YouTube video "part 1" on how to do it because it helped me immensely! - but youtube now says that video is a "private video"

  11. Teresa, I love your videos!

    I'm working on a baby blanket using this pattern, but I was wondering how you would create and edging for this.

    My stitches are kinda weird so an edging would make them look better.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  12. Teresa; I purchased Crochet! magazine, Sept. issue. In there is the same pattern. I tried and tried to follow this pattern. Anger set in, and I just gave up.
    Looking in my archives of your crocheting, I found the same pattern. I cried when I found it because I now sat down, followed your teachings, and completed the blanket in 3 weeks.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    You are a blessing to crocheters like me, even if I have been crocheting for over 50 years. I learn from you every time .

  13. I love your pattern---it looks a lot like what they are calling "Bavarian Crochet" and there is a book with this or similar patterns. Your pattern is much much easier to follow after crocheting with you on youtube. Thank you so much.

  14. carmen said..
    how much yarn i need for make this project,i love it and i want to make this project.

  15. carmen said..
    how much yarn i need for make this project,i love it and i want to make this project.

  16. Hi Teresa, thanks I looking this bavarian crochet, You are great.

  17. thanks teresa your videos are great. you've encourage me to try several new crochet stitches

  18. I am so glad I found your website! Your video was so easy to follow and I have wanted to learn how to do this for a while. I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated!

  19. Hi Teresa, I have finished the fourth round and was wondering if this is where I change colours again? If so, because of the increase of one stitch do I attach my wool at the fourth triple crochet instead of the third as I did previously?
    Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful talent!

  20. Whipped up a baby blanket for my preemie with about 8-10 total hours of work -- beautiful and the video was very helpful for getting it into my head all the way - Now I can work it completely from memory - LOVE this -- I've also played with the placement of the backpost stitches so that I can emphasize a certain color vs. doing it every new wheel round =)

  21. Theresa love the video for Catherine's Wheel will certainly try this. What I would like to know in that video you have a green crochet hook and a plastic cover over the hook can you please help me where to find that cover I have been looking forever for one. Thank You


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