Yarn Assortment - Buyer Beware

I was excited about an order I made from Herrschner's online the other day. That has changed since receiving my order today. As you can see in this image above, they are advertising an assortment of yarns. The advertisement says "Assorted Color and Styles". I thought that is what I would get. Boy was I wrong!! The advertisement is misleading.

When I opened the box I got this putrid yarn, 8 skeins all the same color. The purpose of purchasing an assortment was for projects that I will be making in the future and to experiment with some different yarn that I may not be aware of or think about trying. So much for that thought process.

I start doing some research to see how much this ugly yarn costs. They have it for $.99 cents a skein. I paid $11.99 per yarn assortment, purchasing two total. My total cost were $23.98 for both assortments. If I were to have purchased ugly yarn instead of yarn assortment, my cost would have been $7.92 for the 8 skeins. That leaves me a difference of $16.06 and I feel ripped off in two ways. One for the ugly color and two for the price difference.
My suggestion is to beware of yarn assortments.

The other question I have is, What was Red Heart thinking in making such an ugly color?

Ugly yarn is getting shipped back for a refund.
I will still order from Herrschner's in the future. I spoke with the customer service this afternoon and they have been very helpful.


  1. How terrible!! I'm glad you're able to get your money back. Thanks for the warning!

  2. That's good to know. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I am glad you pointed this out to us. It will make us beware & carefully check out an ad...
    Elsie <><

  4. Yuck! You're right, that is an ugly color! I'm glad you're able to get a refund, they should be more clear on their items... And I'm glad the store was helpful, a lot of times they're rude and unhelpful.

  5. wow! i am sorry that happen girl

  6. Oh Man, I hate when Yarn places online do that.

    Are they gonna give you the difference back in the cost?

  7. Wow, thats really sad, I thought they were more reputable than that. Sheesh. Thanks for the warning! And I am glad to know they are being helpful with the return. :)

  8. Actually yarn like this makes a great afghan (I donate them to project Linus) when crocheted in a granny square or in the round format. But you did get ripped of $$-wise and expectation-wise so it's good they were helpful...Thanks for the warning...:-)

  9. Bummer that you didn't get the assortment you were hoping for, but at least customer service was helpful!

  10. I'm sorry that your order was not what you expected Teresa. But I'm glad you got your refund.

    I do think the yarn is a nice colour though. It should be very nice if paired with the correct colours for your project.

  11. You posted this a WHILE ago, I'm sure, but I'm a newbie ... I'm HOOKED on their yarns .. however, I buy the 16oz fashion yarn assortments. I've gotten a few of the same, where I order 5, and get only two different types, but I send the duplicates back, and they're real good about sending me stuff I don't have. I've got a HUGE variety now. Their customer service is real good about everything, I've found.


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