The Purpose of Increase Stitches - Crochet Tip #48

The purpose of adding increases or fullness evenly throughout your project, is to make your crochet piece get larger or lay flat.
  1. Granny Squares: the extra stitches are added in the corners. This will also form pointed corners
  2. Oval: the increases are added evenly around 2 ends
  3. Circle: the increases are evenly added around the whole piece
An increase stitch is usually two of your main pattern stitches worked in the same stitch on the previous round. Sometimes it can be three stitches. If your project has chains, adding more chains is another way to increase and make your piece expand in size so it will lay flat. An example of an increase would be to work 2 double crochet in the same stitch.


  1. wow thanks girl that is so helpfull,I am doing a bag how do i make it get smaller? at the end?

  2. hotredsly,
    Your instructions should tell you how to do that.


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