How to get the right Crochet Tension

This is an example I created to demonstrate crochet tension and how it will be different from time to time, even with yourself. Each swatch consists of a chain of 10, 9 single crochet, two rows, a size I/5.5mm crochet hook and 4 ply yarn for all swatches. The middle swatch is my natural crochet tension. The bottom swatch is my loose crochet tension. The top swatch is my tight crochet tension.

Video Tutorial: How to get the right Crochet Tension

This explains why two people can make the same pattern, with the same materials and get two different size results upon completion. Once you are well practiced, each person will settle in to a natural, consistent tension.

From time to time I will want a looser or tighter stitch. To achieve this, I focus and concentrate on the grip of the yarn, opposite my crochet hook. The yarn will run looser or tighter through my hand. What happens when a person is first learning to crochet is they will grab the yarn very loose or very tight creating inconsistent stitches of various sizes. If you are a beginner, it is normal to have different size stitches. Practicing the stitches will help with stitch consistency, creating an even stitch throughout your work..


  1. thank you! I was looking for this today and then accidentally found your blog :)
    take care!

  2. you have been such a inspiration to me and yes I have been doing it only a month but I have been practicing every day

  3. That explains why I use the correct yarn and the prescribed hook and always end up getting a loose gauge swatch.
    I am a beginner. I have been crocheting for the past 2 months

  4. Keerthi,
    The person that made the patterns in the book could crochet tighter than you. You will not be the only person that finds a size difference. It happens all of the time. I wanted a visualization to show what happens.

  5. Thank you. As a beginner I love every piece of information that I can get. It seems though that the best advice is probably practice, practice, practice.

  6. Mary Ann,
    Yes, practice is very important.


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