How Old is to Old when it come to Yarn or Thread?

I know that I am guilty of not throwing away anything when it comes to thread/yarn. I have willing accepted donated stashes in the past from other people, so I have no idea how old their yarn supplies are at the time. How old is to old when it comes to selling or giving something away as a gift? Is there an expiration date on yarn and thread? Can items you are selling be to old to sell? What are your thoughts?


  1. I to have accepted yarn form people that i have no idea how old it is. I just recently was given some yarn and threw it away because it was really old and smelled. I usually don't throw it away but it was just to bad to keep. Another way I judge if it's to old is how it pulls apart. If it comes apart really easy, out it goes.

  2. If it is wool, I always throw it in the freezer in a ziplock bag for 24 hours to kill any potential moth eggs. I'm a lot pickier about free yarn than I used to be. If it doesn't look fun to crochet or touch: Just say no!

  3. I have been getting a lot of leftover yarn given to me by people who know that I make cat beds for the shelter where I volunteer. I put it in a mesh bag (the kind you use for washing "unmentionables") and run it through the wash. If it survives, I will use it. If it falls apart when I try to "ball" it, I toss it. Washing it also gets any smells out.

  4. hahaha I am new at this so I dont know yet

  5. I too have no idea but I like Denises idea. Thanks for asking this. Good Question.

  6. I have some thread that must have been around since Moses! I keep it because it still has beautiful color and is on the old wooden spools. The Old Yarns I have been given usually have no labels and haven't had a smell, but I think if they did I would spritz them with water, toss them in a pillow case with a nice dryer sheet to remove the smell and soften the yarn.

    I have some Bernat Yarn (Mosaic) that tends to break easily so I cannot trust a "pull test" since I am not sure of their age.


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