Friday Talk

Me at the Tybee Island beach last weekend, May 2, 2009

Today I am continuing to work on making a video for the hat with the brim and for the puff stitch hat. I have many ideas and projects in progress.

Some of you may remember the needle case I made a few months back. Well, I lost it, needles and all, somewhere in the house, I hope. I have no kids around to blame. I would like to blame my husband for taking it but I have not come up with a purpose to why he would. I have looked in, under and behind the couch. In bags and drawers where I store my supplies. Maybe one of these days, when I am looking something else, it will turn up.

I know those of use in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to summer. This summer is looking up for us, considering my husband spent 8 months of 2008 laid-off due to position elimination. His job was directly related to housing manufacturing so we were hit early in 2008. There are a lot of us out there, so you are not alone in this recession.

We are hosting my husbands family reunion later in June so that is approaching fast
. We also plan on going to Atlanta to visit the aquarium. I will continue to post video on my other Youtube channel, 2btime for my travel and beach adventures. Recently we have been spending a lot of time at the beach with the temperatures in the mid 80's to low 90's. I am looking forward to a nice, slow and relaxing summer.

What are your summer plans?


  1. Just look at you, chillin' at the beach. Havin' a good time. I would, have come if you invited me. LOLOL Just kidding. Looks like ya had a good time.

  2. Harold2,
    I had a great time and heading to the beach again today. The water temperature is 77° today with highs in the 80's to mid 90's. It is going to be a hot one.

  3. That aint fair!!! ;-( Youre making me jealous!!!!!!! Have a great day at the beach!!!!!!!!!


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