Crochet Wire Bracelet

I made a visit to Joann Fabric and Crafts the other day and found some 26 gauge wire so I have been crocheting with it. I am doing well making chains but have not been very successful with a single crochet. What I did was to make 3 chains of 28 with a size H crochet hook and then I braided them together. I have lots of beads so I put a dragonfly on the front. The clasp is a bar that slips through the middle of an opening. The one I used is a heart. Once I was finished, my thought was that it might make a cute ankle bracelet or a choker.
There are a lot of possibilities that can be created with wire.


  1. Wow! That's a very pretty bracelet! I just can't imagine crocheting with wire... it seems like it'd be hard to do.

  2. Lauren,
    Since it is 26 gauge wire, it is a little more flexible. It was different.

  3. that is an awesome idea!!!

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  5. This is super cute! I love make chokers and cuffs but I use the crochet thread instead of the wire. Have you thought about using the Lame thread that is pretty much like a very fine wire. It comes in several colors. The one I bought is a silver. I am disabled so I opened an Etsy shop to help support myself and I sold a black cuff as well as a sage green and pink combo colored cuff. I am so grateful to all the people who post free patterns and advice. Teresa is the best that is online and I have searched every site going until all hours of the nite. God bless all those that take the time to teach others. I have been crocheting for 30 years but there is always something new to learn. Thanks again Teresa and God bless! :-)

  6. JoniCrochetCreations,
    Thank you. I have been wondering if there was some type of thread that would look like wire. What websites or stores carry the thread?

  7. Hi Teresa,
    I hope that you can delete some of my duplicated comments on this because I had computer problems and didn't realize that they had uploaded? I don't know if you can remove some of the repeating ones or not? The reason I am writing to you is to reply to your question on where to get the wire like yarn. It is called: Lamé and it comes in the following colors: Pearl Silver Black Gold Multi
    The 2 free easy crochet patterns to make necklaces are also on Lion Brand website:
    Look under the Free Crochet Patterns and search for Lion Brand® Lamé
    Pattern #: 60043 or Crocheted Necklaces and then look for the patterns. They are very pretty!!
    Again sorry for the repetetive comments I have left on this topic?

  8. JoniCrochetCreations,
    I deleted two. You provided some very good information. The yarn companies are always coming up with some different yarn and thread that I have never seen. Thank you for the information.

  9. it's awesome. i'm still trying crochet with wire too.. :) it's hard for me..

  10. Beautiful bracelet! any chance you could give additional info on attaching the clasps? I'm very new at this. Thanks!

  11. This is very pretty! The bar and heart is called a toggle clasp. I crochet and make jewelry and am always looking for new things that are unique. I love this! :) Good job. I also tried crocheting with 26 guage wire and the single crochet is very difficult. I am happy to know about eh Lame yarn also, thank you Joni and Teresa!


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