Abstract Cat Edging - Reverse Single Crochet

I finished up the crochet Abstract Cat baby afghan with a reverse single crochet edging. I have also heard it called the crab stitch and backward single crochet. My thoughts are to use a more subtle edging when using a busy pattern stitch. The last color on my afghan is made with 3 full rows. I wanted to pull the last two rows together to shape the head. I did a drop reverse single crochet to form the head so the edging completes my last segment of cats. The side edges and foundation chain are worked with reverse single crochet evenly stitched along each edge. This stitch will create additional fullness at times, so I have found that skipping a stitch every once in a while will keep it from becoming to full.


  1. Hi, Teresa. This abstract cat edging is so beautiful, I'm gonna make a stole. I'll post in my blog. If you can, visit me. Hugs and kisses

  2. I am working on a picnic blanket in the same pattern from your blog. I was thinking about how to make an edging. Thanks for this post, I got the perfect edging for the blanky. Will be finished soon. The pattern is very easy and very addictitve.

  3. My abstract cat blanket can be seen here, http://bindu.ca/wordpress/abstract-crochet-cats-and-crochet-geek/


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