Multi-Purpose Crochet Cloth

Recently I have been experimenting with making crochet cloths for bathing or washing dishes. I have found that I really like the look of the Tunisian crochet stitch. The real test will be when I put them to work and see the results with the various yarn I am using. Please share your experience with crochet cloths and which type of yarn you like the best.


  1. I do a knit or crochet wash clothe but I don't use yarn unless its cotton .I use a Peaches and Cream 100% cotton.I love them to do dishes with and I love using cream/white because they bleach so clean looking .
    Many people love them for gifts as well.
    Elsie <><

  2. I love the look of Tunisian wash cloths, especially in variegated yarns, but I haven't actually used any. I've only made them to give away. They make good hot pads though because Tunisian is very thick.

  3. Hi Teresa, I just wanted to say thank you for your Crochet 101 videos on YouTube but as I'm not a member there I couldn't leave a comment with the vids so I hopped over here instead. Crochet is the one craft that defeated me as a child and I haven't even tried for a good 25 years or so! I really wanted to crochet some little flowers though and learned enough of the basics from your videos that I managed the five petal flowers here. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your expertise!

  4. I haven't used a crochet or knit wash cloth before.So, I think I will try it and let you know..

  5. I like to use sugar and cream cotton for my washcloths/dishrags.they hold up really well i use them all the time. My next one I am gonna try the Tunisian stitch and see how that looks. Thanks for all the great tips .I have learned alot from watching your videos.

    Carolann (Wisconsin)

  6. I am a guy and a closet crocheter. LOL I hate going to the fabric stores for anything because of the way I get treated; however, I have enjoyed watching your vid's and appreciate your diagram of the stitches. I'm almost done with a king size afghan for my mother-in-law. Now, I'm looking for my next project and have been experimenting with patterns from your vid's and mikeysmail. Thank you, thank you. Nobody beside the church ladies teach crochet in my area... and the husbands give me such a look.... Again, thanks.

    Question: do you have a stitch diagram for the catherines wheel that mikeysmail uses? The one you have posted is easier to do than his, but his seems to have an alternating pattern. By comparing the two I might be able to actually understand the catherines wheel.

  7. Sorry I made my post this on the wrong thread. I have been wanting to make crocheted was cloths for family, but haven't figured out all the details. The Tunisian style has seemed interesting enough, but seems "over my head." I'd love to read more about it. i bought a pattern book for them, but I do so much better with videos.

  8. Long FishTails,
    I do have a diagram for Catherine's Wheel. I am including links for the triple crochet wheel and the double crochet wheel. Once you get it, you will not forget it.

    Large Wheel Stitch - Catherine's Wheel - Harlequin - Triple Crochet

    Round Shell 7 Double Crochet - Shell Variation 4 - Catherine's Wheel

  9. I also use 100% cotton for my wash cloths, I haven't used them in the kitchen, dunno why, :/ But for the shower, nothing beats have a well made cotton wash cloth to fully lather with a good quality old fashioned lye soap! The size and absorbability of the cotton, makes it possible to soap up the cloth once and scrub the entire body without the need to stop and relather the cloth. I love it. If you need a fantastic, reliable source for the best 100% all natural, historically correct, hand and homemade lye soaps, I am happy to share the lady I get all my products from. Fox Run Soap & Sundries on Etsy. I get almost all my health and beauty supplies from her. One of the things that make me so glad I found her, is the Solid Lotion bars she makes, we all know how yarn pulls every micro drop of moisture out of our hands while we work a project. This stuff replaces that moisture with a small amount of product, and few momments of patience to let it soak in well. Oh and the smell is awesome because it made in the scent you love to smell. What's better than a good crochet project, with some soothing music, and the smell of Honeysuckle coming in through the window? Oh wait the window is closed, that smell is coming from my hands :D


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