How to Modify a Granny Square Size - Crochet Tip 45

I like to mix and match granny squares, creating an assortment of colors and squares. I have found that I can get an average 6" square, 4-6 rounds, with a size G, H or I hook when that is the size I am looking for. Occasionally I will find that my last round may make the square a 7" size, which will be larger than what I want. To fix this, I will do some modification by using smaller stitches on the last few rounds to make the square closer to 6". If I am using double crochet, I will use a half double crochet or single crochet to achieve a 6" square. When you are following a pattern and your square is turning out larger than the size you want, go ahead and modify the stitch by using smaller basic crochet stitches. You can add rounds if you have a square that is just not quite large enough. Look through the pattern to see if there is a design element that you can carry to an extended round, tying it all together.


  1. Thank you so much for all the video tuition.
    I've been a knitter forever but was never shown how to crochet. I'm learning such a lot from you.

  2. Solstitches,
    You are welcome. I appreciate your comments.


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