Friday, April 10, 2009

Crochet Bingo Bag or Craft Bag

Written by Teresa Richardson

This bag can be used for a child to carry their toys in, as a bingo bag or a craft bag. Please share your comments for additional ways the bag can be used.

Video Tutorial: Crochet Bingo Bag or Craft Bag

Video Tutorial:  Crochet Bingo Bag or Craft Bag Left Hand Version 

Skill Level: Intermediate

SL ST - Slip Stitch
HDC - Half Double Crochet
EA - Each
SK - Skip
ST - Stitch
ST's - Stitches

Size H Crochet Hook
4 Ply Yarn - 728 yards

Chain 5, join.
Round 1: 12 HDC through the loop, do not join. (12 Half Double Crochet total) The remainder of the project will be worked in a continual round. You will want a yarn marker to mark the beginning of each round.
Round 2:
The first stitch will be done in the top of the previous stitch without joining, Work 2 HDC in each stitch around. (24 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 3: Work 2 HDC in each stitch around. (48 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 4-5: Work 1 HDC in each stitch around. (48 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 6: *1 HDC in ea of the next 3 St's. 2 HDC in the next ST. Continue around from *. There will be a total of 12 increases. (60 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 7-24: 1 HDC in ea stitch around. (60 Half Double Crochet total)
When this round is complete you will want to end with an even edge. Skip 1 HDC and slip stitch in the next stitch.
Drawstring Round: CH 3, skip 1 stitch, *HDC in the next stitch, CH 1, continue around from *. You will end with a total of 30 HDC, CH 1 stitches. (30 Half Double Crochet, CH 1, total)

Edging: *CH 3, in the next HDC, work a shell of 1 DC, CH 1, 1DC, CH 1, 1 DC, CH 3, SL ST in the next HDC, repeat from * for a total of 15 shells.

Chain 40, join
Round 1: CH 1, work 50 HDC through the loop, do not join. The rest of the pocket will be worked as a continual round. (50 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 2: The first stitch will be done in the top of the previous stitch without joining, work 1 HDC in ea HDC around. Get yarn marker and mark the first stitch. (50 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 3: *work 1 HDC in the next stitch, work 2 HDC in the next stitch. Repeat around from * There will be 25 increases for a total of 75 HDC. (75 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 4: *work 1 HDC in the next stitch, work 2 HDC in the next stitch. Repeat around from * There will be 37 increases for a total of 112 HDC. (112 Half Double Crochet total)
Round 5-14: 1 HDC in ea HDC around (112 Half Double Crochet total)
When this round is complete you will want to end with an even edge. Skip 1 HDC and slip stitch in the next stitch. Secure the yarn and cut. Pull the tail through the loop.
Sew the pocket to the bottom of the bag at approximately round 4 or 5. Knot well and sew in the tails. Divide the top portion of the pocket every 14 stitches. This will create 8 sections. Sew each section, creating a divider, starting at approximately the 7th round from the top of the bag. Knot and sew in the tail when you are finished.

Pull Strap
Chain 80, Slip stitch through each chain.
Weave the pull strap through the drawstring round. Knot and sew the ends together. Weave and hide the tails through the drawstring.

Carrying Handle
This round will be worked with 2 strands of yarn, crocheting over the second strand.
CH 12, join
Round 1: CH 1, Work 12 SC through the loop, crocheting over the second strand of yarn.
Round 2-50:
The first stitch will be done in the top of the previous stitch without joining, Work 1 SC in ea stitch around.


  1. Oh I am gonna love this one!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a bingo nut and am gonna make one for a friend!!!!!! Thank you for posting!!!!!!

  2. Harold,
    You are welcome. Please share a picture when you are finished.

  3. That is so cute.
    As it is Easter it could also be used as an alternative Easter basket type thing with a little egg tucked in each of the pockets.

  4. I really like this idea, but I think I will fiddle with the pattern a bit. It's very cute for a kid, but adults might appreciate something a little more ... mature? Not the right word. Like I said before, though, a great pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jo,
    It can easily be done in 1 color. The bingo bags sold online are quite eccentric.

  6. This is so cute, thank you so much Teresa for sharing with us.

    Make-up caddy, crayon/marker caddy?? The possiblities are endless really.

    lovely colors as well.

  7. Congratulations on this design Teresa!

  8. Anonymous,
    You are right about the possibilities being endless. I wanted to put flowers all over mine but I decided to keep it simple for the video.

  9. Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for posting this. It's so cute!

    I have a question though.....I've completed rows 7-23, and have to say mine looks a lot shorter than yours. I don't know if it's the camera or what, but mine is only about 6-7 inches in height. Is that about the size of yours?

    I also like the idea that Anonymous posted to use as a crayon/marker holder. I'm going to make one for my nephew and fill it with markers, crayons, and other goodies for his birthday.

    Thanks again, Teresa!


  10. Anonymous,
    Mine is about 7-8 inches tall before the drawstring round and edging. It is about 9-1/2" with the edging. You can add more rounds if you want your bag taller.

  11. Thank you, Teresa. I'll add a couple more rounds. Awesome bag, love it!


  12. Love the idea. What a great gift it could make for so many ages...and the possibilities endless in what it could be used for. Thanks. Can't wait to make one!!

  13. It's beautifull!!!!

    I'll try it soon, it will be perfect for my bathroom to fill it with cotton, tissues etc.

    Take a look at this sight

    there is a pattern for a spiral granny square but I couldnt understand it much. Maybe you could :)

  14. This is so cute, I'm gonna make one! Maybe brown for the pockets and blue for the bag??? Thanks!

  15. I am having trouble printing out your pattern. It only gives me the first page and advertising on the others.Any thoughts?

  16. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have looked everywhere trying to find one. My sister is gonna love it.

  17. Anonymous,
    It is your printer settings. If you scale is above 60% it may not all print out. You may need to adjust your scale for each individual pattern.

  18. Teresa:

    How do you attach the handle to the bag? The way I read the instructions, the handle is made into a tube, which you would then flatten and insert into the bag. But how is is sewn together?

    Thank you!


  19. Robin,
    You are welcome to watch the video as a visual to how it is done.

  20. This looks fun! I can't wait to try it out!!

  21. This bag is also great to keep your prescription meds in! My docs occasionally want me to bring the original bottles in, and this makes it a lot easier than throwing them into a tote or paper bag! The center section is great for the larger bottles of vitamins, supplements and contact lens solution. And it's easy to pick the whole thing up and take it to a table when I'm filling up my weekly dispenser. Great project!

  22. I really like this bag. I am making one for a swap partner. (Hope they don't see this post, hehehe). This bag is so quick and easy to work up. Thanks again for a wonderful pattern!

  23. theluckielizard,
    You are welcome. I appreciate the comment.

  24. Thanks so much for this pattern!!! It's really great and the possibilities are art bag to carry watercolours & drawing supplies; a travel spa/facial bag to carry cleanser,toner etc; and my favourite use as a bag for thread spools and sewing supplies for quick stitches on the go. Best idea for packing gifts without using paper gift wrap for an eco-friendly option...just tie a little ribbon bow on the handles and you get the bag plus the stuff inside! 2 gifts in 1 :) Thanks so much again.

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  26. Cute =D I'd love to try it for a toiletries bag for vacation. =D

  27. hi teresa im a 12 year old girl that love to knit im from mexico city and i love your work...thanks!

  28. alexa,
    I am happy that you have taken an interest in crochet. Thank you for your comment.

    Have a great day!

  29. I loved it!! But... I'm too lazy to do it... :P

  30. I appreciate your post, i learn few things in this post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

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  31. I'm working on a basketweave scarf, but it's gone tooooo wide for a scarf, and now its almost 3 ft long. How can I increase it horizontally so that I can turn it into a blanket?

  32. Samiyah,
    I would recommend that you rip it out and start over since you want to make it wider. If you make it wider, you will need to attach to the previous rows. I just don't think the results will turn out.

  33. Hai Teresa..

    I'm a beginner and I'm from malaysia. I love your videos!

    May I know, my bag is shorter than yours. Should I add more rounds to make it longer?

    Thank you :)


  34. Alin, you can add more rounds to make the bag larger.

  35. Dear Teresa. this bag is awesome :-) i have just started making it, now i'm in round 6 and it looks a lot smaller than yours mine is just 13cm, is this correct ? ore would it be smart to increase fore a few rounds more??

    Sandra :-)

    Ps. love your videos, you learned me how to crochet :-) hugz from Norway :-)

  36. I Love this!! I was a little worried when asked to make a craft bag for someone. I had some ideas about how to crochet one, but wasn't sure. Thanks so much for sharing. I plan on making a bigger one. I'll try to post a picture when I'm through! I appreciate your awesome skills and for sharing it all!

  37. The table cloth in the picture is beautiful. Is it possible to share the pattern for this, or is there any other way I can find this pattern?


  38. The table cloth on the picture is beautiful. Is it possible for you to share the pattern, or is there any other way I can find it?




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