Thread Crochet Edging for Placemat

Thread Crochet Shell Edging

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Thread Crochet Shell Edging

TC - Triple Crochet
SC - Single Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stitch
EA - Each
CH - Chain
SK - Skip

This edging is added to a blanket stitch edging. It can also be used on a solid crochet afghan as an edging.

Shell: The shell will be 7 triple crochet with a chain 1 between each stitch.

Round 1: 3 SC in each blanket stitch around. Make sure you add extra stitches in the corners for the added fullness that corners need.

Round 2: CH 1, *SC in same SC, skip 3 SC, Shell in next SC, continue around from *. It is alright to modify the stitch spaces by skipping more or less single crochet, to end with the same amount of shells on each side.

Round 3: CH 2, skip the first triple crochet, *SL ST in the next TC, CH 4, SL ST in the same stitch. SL ST in the CH 1 SP. Complete 4 times total from*. SL ST in the next TC, CH 4, SL ST in the same stitch. CH 2, SL ST in the next SC. Continue around. Only the top 5 triple crochet are being worked.


  1. I like the graph-style instructions for the edging, so easy to "read", and you don't need to understand english!thanks for sharing!

  2. Ana Luisa,
    You are welcome. :)


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