Men's Large Crochet Beanie Cap Free Crochet Pattern

Men's  Crochet Beanie Cap

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Large Size Beanie Cap for a Man

Size I or 5.5mm Crochet Hook
4-ply yarn

12 Stitches - 4"
16 Rows - 4"

EA - Each
ST - Stitch
SC - Single Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stitch

Chain 4, join
Round 1: Work 10 SC through the loop. Do not join. This cap will be worked in a spiral/continual round.

Round 2: Work 2 SC in ea SC around. This is where you will want to use a yarn marker to mark the first stitch of a round, so you have an idea where the beginning of your round starts.
( 20Single Crochet Total)

Round 3: 1 SC in ea SC around. ( 20Single Crochet Total)

Round 4: 2 SC in ea SC around ( 40 Single Crochet Total)

Round 5: 1 SC in ea SC around ( 40 Single Crochet Total)
Round 6: *1 SC in next ST, 2 SC in next ST, repeat from * around. ( 60 Single Crochet Total)
Round 7 - 35: 1 SC in ea SC around ( 60 Single Crochet Total)

To end the round even, skip 1 single crochet and slip stitch in the next. Cut the yarn and sew in the tail.

Extra increase round: Work in after round 7.  Work 1 SC in each of the next 2 stitches, work 2 SC in the next stitch. ( 80 Single Crochet Total)

Men's Large Crochet Beanie Cap


Men's Large Crochet Beanie Cap - Left Hand Version


  1. Cool! I can finally make my brother in law a hat now. I was always so worried about getting it too big or too small.

    Now I have another project to work on. I have so many projects to work on right now that's crazy! But it keeps me busy and I can't thank you enough for all of your videos and tutorials. If it weren't for you or your videos I probably never would have picked up crochet or have learned it as quick as I have.

    Thanks so much! Keep rocking, Teresa! :-)

  2. Ah! This is wonderful! I can try making one for my boyfriend! (Although, I suppose it's a bit late in the season for a toque...oh well! :D )

  3. Amy B.,
    Thank you. He can always wear it next year. I see people wear hats like this in 90 degree temperatures.

  4. Zola Rayne,
    You are welcome. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thank you for posting the videos,It's easier for me to learn hands on than reading a pattern.I love the slow motion aspect.My daughters are picking it up too,they are 11 and 15.Thanks Again,Wendy B
    P.S. Could you make some type of slippers?

  7. You don't know how great this is! I've been making the baby beanie hats - I have 2 grandbabies due this Fall. Hubby keeps teasing me to make him a beanie! Well - I bought the yarn today! :)

    MANY thanks Teresa! Before I found you all I could crochet was a sad chain! :)

  8. Wendy B,
    You are welcome. :) I do have slippers made and posted.
    Crochet Slippers
    Click on the link and it will take you to the pattern.

  9. Hi Theresa. Thank you so much for the awesome video/written instructions on making this beanie. I started mine and I have about 20 rows completed of 60 single stitches. It is looking VERY small to me. My boyfriend asked if it was for a little boys head. Will it expand? or should I start over?

  10. khat,
    If it is looking small to you then it is small. If it is way to small, that would lead me to believe that your hook, yarn or both may be a different size. It is possible that you have missed some increase stitches. The hat lays flat for a few rounds. Even when the crown starts to curl, it should be able to fit an adult size head.

  11. Hi there,

    I'm using Red Heart Soft Yarn (4 ply worsted weight) and I had a difficult time getting the proper gauge. Even with a K hook, 12 sc stitches aren't quite measuring 4".

    I started the hat and I'm at row 6 and I'm wondering how wide across it should be. It's about 4" in diameter. Is that too small?

  12. Aurora,
    By using a hook 2 times larger makes me think that some increase stitches are being missed or you crochet very tight. The soft yarn will work up smaller.

  13. Theresa, thank you so much for the quick response. I used 4ply yarn and the 5.5mm hook, but after reading your tension blog, I think I know my problem. The top of my beanie is very tight and now I'm starting to loosen up my grip a little. I am a beginner and this is my first project. I will continue to practice my tension on this one and will start over again soon. Thank you so much for all your help and support!!!

  14. Teresa! Thanks for the Beanie Pattern, It works great, Just completed my very first one right now. Would you have any other large beanie patterns you could post?

    thanks for your pattern

  15. Nero,
    Any of the other beanie patterns can be made larger by using a larger crochet hook. Most of the patterns I have made for adults will fit a 22-24 inch head.

  16. Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for the videos. They're awesome. The question I have is about this beanie...I wanted to add additional colors to this one, but noticed on your striped beanie patterns that you have to join each row. Is there a way to do that with this beanie too since you aren't joining at the end of each row?

    Thanks. :)

  17. shannikinz,
    Yes, you can change colors with this hat in the continual round. To even off each round, you skip a stitch, join with the next stitch then cut the yarn. I recommend to stagger the starting stitch of each color change. This will help eliminate seams that can occur with joining. Join the yarn anywhere to start the new color. Crochet on around and skip the first stitch to work in a continual round.

    You can also work the whole cap by joining at the end of each round.

  18. Hi Teresa,
    Thank you so much for teaching me to crochet! I learnt from watching you when I wasn't well. I haven't stopped since.
    I am hoping to make your Large Crochet Beanie for my cousin but he would like a slouchy one. I have read somewhere that I should just increase the length of the beanie. Do you think this would be ok?

    Thanking you again.

  19. I have made a few of your hats and they have all ended up small. I thought it might be the hook size, so moved up two sizes and got the same results. I also thought it would be the fact that I was crocheting too tight, but that wasn't it either. It is almost as if the hat needs more rounds. What would you suggest?

  20. Alyssa,
    Smaller size yarn will also make your work a different size. You can make any size hat, from any size yarn, with any size hook. More increase stitches and/or rounds will make the hat larger.

  21. Hi Teresa,
    thanks for the instructions and the video am making my dad one :D

  22. Thanks much for your video's. I tried simple books but they just didn't explain each step real well and your video's made it the how to parts very clear!

  23. Hi,I am very new to crochet. I have a question, it might sound silly, but what is the difference between joining each row and continuing without joining?

  24. I have been making lots of your hats now and they have all turned out wonderful! I was looking at this hat and thought to myself that if i made it extremely long it would be the same as a baby cocoon. Do you make those or do you have any suggestions for me for making one? I am pregnant with my second and have been crocheting like crazy and would love if you could make a cocoon hat combo and post a video!


  25. Hi Teresa,
    I am so happy to find your blog and really enjoying yours videos.
    But I have a big problem, because I am really new in crochet. I really want to make a hat for may baby, the yarn that I am using is not as yours, then, I mut have to continue incresing the flat area until a get the size but it's a mess what I get, it's not flat at all :( Any suggestion of how to continue, please?

  26. Hello Teresa! I recently started crocheting hats and i love it! I made my sister and myself a beret hat and then, i discovered your blog on mans beannie hat so i made one for my husband too. I will post a photo of it by tomorrow and show it to you.
    I wonder if you have patterns on fedora hats. I would love to make one and add a ribbon to it.... so excited. thanks! beautiful work!

  27. Hi Teresa, I love making this beanie! I made one for each of my grandsons. I am a beginner and wondered if I could use your pattern using double crochet, would it work the same? Thank you for your help.

  28. Thanks, Theresa, for all your patterns and your instructions. I was a beginner 2 weekends ago, and I've now completed 2 scarves, and this hat. The hat took me four tries, and I think my problem is tension...the first two were just wonky and looked too small. The third looked right, proportionally, but was sized for a child (Caron simply soft yarn and a size I hook). So I've done the fourth with bulkier wool yarn and a size J hook. It STRETCHES enough to fit my husband's head tightly. So I will try again with looser stitches. Is it possible to add another row or two of increases? I tried that and had wavy results...any suggestions for a 7th and 8th row that will increase the size a bit? Thankfully, I have a friend with a son who wants the kid-sized attempt :) So it was useful practice, and will get worn. I'm enjoying all of your tips and tutorials! Thanks again!

  29. @Adrienne,
    Yes, you can add as many increase rounds as you feel are necessary to make the cap larger.

  30. thank you such a nice pattern ...

  31. i jus made the same hat today... it came out so well.i made a brown hat with white border which looks so pretty... my friend jus loved it.. Thanks

  32. Hi Teresa, I'm an avid follower of yours and I have made many of your items. I am attempting to make the large men's beanie, but need to make it a bit larger than what you've made in your tutorial. I know to make it larger you need to add increases, but I don't know at what point to do it after the round where you sc 1, then sc 2?? Anyway, thanks for your work, it's awesome!!!

  33. no thanks. i already knew how to make a wrinkly circle.

  34. Kim,
    I would suggest that you do one round of individual stitches and then work another increase round.

  35. Hi, I want to make this hat for my boyfriend, but would you mind tell me about how much yarn it will take. Ball park area would help as I want to use some Mongolian Cashmere...yes, very expensive, but he is currently recovering from brain surgery and I wanted to make something really special.

  36. Hi Teresa! I found your pattern after looking for an easy beanie to make for my first project.

    I was doing good until I started sc after round 7 and I think I skipped a couple of increases because when I count my stitches I only have like, 52 instead of 60 - and this hat is looking a little small.

    I'm on round 14 and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do now to start making it bigger (and still have it look normal) or if I need to unravel back down to round 6 or 7 and increase from there.

    Thanks so much!

  37. I would like to make this hat but am unclear about round 1. Could you explain what loop you do the 10 SC in please.

  38. Thank you so much for teaching us through youtube. I had always crochet baby blankets and scarfs for friends daughters.And got tired of doing the same pattern. Than I attended a baby shower and there is a lady who had crochet 3 thing for the baby. I asked if she could teach me, she said, she learned it from youtube. So I got on it. I had always wanted to crochet a cap but I don't know how to read the patterns. The video was wonderful. I started this passed Wednesday on the 19 of Jan.2011 and I had crochet 2 and half of the ladies cap.When I finished the first cap, you have no idea how excited I was. And now I am working on a man cap for my husband.I could think of so many boys and girls that I can made and give to them as a gift. Thank you once again.

  39. Susan, You are welcome. I appreciate the comment!

  40. I would like to make this beanie, but with earflaps. would i still make it spiral? What would you suggest? Thanks.

  41. This is my first crochet project and the video is really great to follow...but the instructions stop at row many rows total are in the hat and where are the instructions to the end?

  42. Hi Teresa! I love this pattern, it was my first attempt at a hat and it turned out great. Only problem is, is that I used whatever yarn and hook I had -- clearly not the correct size. Intended for my bf, but ended up hardly fitting me! You said to use an I hook or 5.5mm -- are both the sizes synonymous? And a 4 ply yarn is that the same as a "weight category of 4"? I'm considering this yarn -- looks like it is a tad smaller than what you suggest, but would it work? Please let me know! thanks for your help :)

  43. William,
    Yes, you can still make the cap spiral.

  44. This is a playlist with a variety of crochet hats.

    Crochet Hat Playlist

  45. Hi Teresa! My husband and family are happy with there hats!!! I do have a question! You are the only one I know who maybe able to help. I have a project for a friends baby, I made a pea pod sack but I need to now make it dbl the size as my first was too small.

    I want to follow this pattern but how do I figure out the math to make the rounds past 60? I need my circle circumstance to be 40", I appreciate any advise

    Your humble student Kelly

  46. I tried making this hat, using the same size crochet hook, and I followed the instructions step by step. The hat came out pretty small and tight (even for my boyfriend who has a small head). I don't know why because yours looks full and big. I used 100& acrylic 4 ply yarn. I tried adding a few extra increase rows (3 - I did 1 SC in 3 stitches, then 2 SC in the next stitch continuing the row, crochet 1 SC in next full row, 1 SC in 3 stitches then 2 SC in next stitch continuing the row, crochet 1 SC in next full row, then 1 SC in 4 stitches then 2 SC next stitch) but then it came out way too big. How many extra increase rows would you suggest? 1? 2?

  47. A little late to the party here! I followed everything, of course my stitches are too tight so its smaller. Do I work increase rows, and sc rows until it gets to the point of fitting around the widest part of my head? And then just finish to the length I want by working sc rows?

  48. I am going to make this for my husband and I am a new to crocheting. Your video is easy to understand and I have created the rounds and started the final single crochets. I think this hat will be too small for my husbands head. Please help me understand what is happening when we are doing the 2SC alternating with 1SC. Is that how I expand the size of the circle to cover the top of the head before I start the continuous SC to build the sides? If so, should I just keep doing the alternating SCs until I have a circle large enough to fit the top of my husbands head? I think that would work okay. I measured his head from the side/top bump left to right (kind of hard to explain) and it was about 8 inches across. His head is about 25 inches around at the widest part above his ears.

  49. hi Teresa thanks for the great pattern you provided!! and the easy to follow video on youtube. I always follow you on youtube. I'll try this pattern see if this works. thanks again.

  50. Hey Teresa, first I would like to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your items. I actually would love to get to learn the creating side, but I work a 9-5 and time won't permit. That being said, Thank You for ALL of your tutorials they really help me a whole lot. I have a question regarding this pattern. I made 3 hats and they were all too small for the men I made them for. I used the I/9 Hook and used Red Heart Super Saver Worsted Yarn. I think the obvious would be to use a larger hook, maybe a J or K. What do you think and/or suggest. Can you email me at Again anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

  51. Hi :)

    Thank you for your patterns.
    If i want to make The hat bigger do i just make a second round of round 6?

    Sincerely Addie

    Ps Im using a hook 5mm and i Think my yarn in smaller then yours. Im from Denmark and we dont have 4 ply or worsted yarn here but The yarn Im using is has The measure: 100gram 165meter
    My boyfriend has a large head so how will i make this The best way so its not to tight on him?


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