Invisible Decrease - Double Crochet, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet

The invisible decrease is an alternative to the traditional standard decrease. It will be done the same way, for any of the basic crochet stitches that you are doing. The stitch is decreasing 2 stitches down to 1 stitch. The 2 stitches are joined at the bottom of the new stitch, working the remainder of the stitch as an individual stitch. The invisible decrease has less bulk compared to the standard decrease. If your instructions tell you to decrease, you can decide which technique that you would like to do.

EXAMPLE: Double crochet: Wrap the yarn over your hook, insert the hook in the first stitch. Insert the hook in the second stitch. Wrap the yarn over your hook and pull through both stitches. Work the double crochet. Now there is a decrease, joined at the bottom of the stitch, worked as an individual stitch.


  1. I've never thought about doing it that way. Thanks!

  2. thats a different way of doing it, I think I may like it better than the usual way I was doing it before :)

  3. Thanks for wonderful instructions, you are a great teacher !!

  4. your blog it's amazing!

    thank you!


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