How to Make your own Crochet Hook Grip

How to Make your own Crochet Hook Grip

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: How to Make your own Crochet Hook Grip

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Grip for a Steel Crochet Hook


Plastic Tubing 1/4" x .170 - This can be purchased from a home improvement store.

Gooshy Grips - This can be found at Wal-Mart or an office supply store. These are pen and pencil grips.

  • Cut the plastic tubing to the same size of the grip.
  • Cut your tubing the length of the tube. This will provide give for various size crochet hooks.
  • Slide the grip over the plastic tubing.
  • Slide everything all at once over your crochet hook.
  • For a longer grip, double the size of tubing and use two grips.
  • You may not need tubing for the larger crochet hooks.


  1. such a simple but very useful technique...
    nice.. a great fan of ur instructional videos...

  2. freshpursuit,
    Thank you very much.

  3. Sharon Marie,
    Thank you. The best part is that the plastic tubing and grips may cost about $5.00 total for everything you see in the picture. So you can make a lot of hook grips.

  4. When I first saw your blog, I went out to the craft store and they didn't have any. I am so glad you could show us how to make them. thanks

  5. Teresa: Thank you so very much for posting these instructions! I had stopped crocheting about 10 years ago because I would get these horrible cramps in my hands. These grips have helped so much! I'm going to do modify all of my small crochet hooks and will tackle thread work again. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

  6. Plume,
    I appreciate the comment, thank you. I just posted how to do this with the steel crochet hooks if you crochet with thread.

  7. Hi, I am so glad I found your blog and the videos. The aee very helpfull. God Bless you for letting me view your videos and the crochet instruction. I am learning with them, as I use my labtop to view the videos and do ma lot of practice. Thanks a lot.myname is Olga, from Puerto Rico

  8. thanks , hope. u dont mind. me sharing the instructions


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