Crochet Stitch Stiffness - Crochet Tip 44

Smaller crochet hooks will produce a tighter, stiffer stitch. This will work well when making a project that you want to hold its shape, like a basket or hat. Use a larger hook to get a softer stitch, without as much stiffness. The yarn choice will also play a role in stitch stiffness.


  1. Teresa, thank you so much for
    all your posts and tutorials.
    I've, many a time, popped over to brush up on some of my skills.
    I work many varied crafts, so sometimes I may forget, briefly how to start up a stitch or two.
    Your work at providing clear with now fuss instructions, is a blessing for me.
    Thank you and keep it up!
    I'm most grateful for you!
    Bairbre Aine

  2. I am a beginner crocheter - having plenty of those ah-ha moments you mentioned on your youtube account.
    Have only produced scarves and granny squares so far but I have ambitions for a beanie/beret some time soon.
    Without your generosity and patience in producing the videos I would never have been able to learn.

    Thank you for your blog and youtube channel.

  3. Thanks for the tip Teresa!!!!!

  4. Bairbre Aine,
    Thank you, I appreciate your comments and feedback. :)

  5. You are welcome, Harold and Birdie. :)


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