Crochet Shamrock C - Clover

Crochet Shamrock C

Video Tutorial:
Crochet Shamrock C

Written by Teresa Richardson

SL ST - Slip Stitch
QC - Quadruple Crochet
MC - Magic Circle
CH - CHain

Magic Circle
*CH 3, 5 QC, CH 3, SL ST through loop, complete 3 times from *,
Stem - CH 5, SL ST across the next 4 chain's.


  1. Hi Teresa!!!
    I like your channel a lot!!! I have learn a lot!!!
    I saw this scarf if you have time and know how to do it can you please show in a video.


  2. l like this alot but how to make a large one for a front window or front door hanger?


    deb g

  3. Thanks so much for posting this :) I have tried, and finally have a nice looking shamrock :) And I am not even a real 'crochet-er' :) I have done very little crochet, and really could only do a chain when I started with your video here.
    I was wondering what to do in the end though. :( I can't seem to find instructions on what to do to 'end' the project. I assume I cut the yarn (lol) but what from there? How do I assure that it is not going to undo itself? If you could help, that would be great!
    Thanks again :) - Kara

  4. These are super cute! And look quite easy..think I'll make a few ;) Thanks for the post!


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