Crochet Giveaway #5 - Closed

What was a project that was challenging for you? The most challenging for me what the bruges lace that was oblong and had circles at each end. I messed up my count when attaching the bruges edging, so part of the piece was lopsided.

This will be giveaway #5. I will be giving away 4 hats and 2 matching doily's. The giveaway will run from today March 2, 2oo9 through
March 9, 2009. I will draw the winner on March 9, 2009. Everyone from any country is welcome to enter. As the winner, you are more than welcome to alter the hats in any way by removing the flowers and leaves, give them away and share with your friends.
  1. Comments are open to everyone. You do not need to be registered with blogger to participate.
  2. In the comment section you can leave a name, nickname or some way that I will be able to contact. If you are posting as anonymous, please leave something unique to identify you or I will not have a way to contact you.
  3. I will also accept e-mail submissions. Please include GIVEAWAY #5 in the subject line.
  4. If you have previously won, I am going to ask that you wait 2 months to participate so everyone has a chance.
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has entered so far. I had a typo, which made it look like the giveaway was only one day, when in fact it will still be running through Monday March 9. There is no limit on how many times you can enter.


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  2. GIVEAWAY #5

    I'm a beginner so everything is a challenge!!

  3. LOL The first time I made the Sunbeam Granny Square I didn't count the stitches. I was listening to you and trying to go along with it yet I came out with 5 sides! lol

    But my second one I counted the stitches and it came out perfectly! :)

  4. the hardest item I have ever made was my first top and it happened this past summer. I frogged this at least 4 times because my sizing was wrong. I have put it aside on the back burner you could say, until next month. then I will try to do it again. but it is almost finished and it is still to big. so I will either frog it and start over, or put an elastic in the back of it, or add a tie somehow to it. it just burns my buttons cause it really was an easy item to make. Ahh live and learn.

  5. Giveaway #5 When I was a kid my mom taught me to crochet.. she just showed me the stitch she was working on which was a SC in the back loop only.
    I've been using that stitch since 1991... and only recently (past 6 months) learned there was an entire world of multiple stiches.. and that you could make more than just a scarf


  6. Please put me in for the giveaway!

  7. giveaway #5...Hi Teresa... I began crocheting when I was pregnant for our third child and it was a greanny square afghan.. not knowing much about things back then ... I did have problems with it but keep struggling ... I finally finished it just before I had her .. my hubby kept telling me I wouddn't get it done before we had her but I did.. just a couple weeks before.. and would you believe my son still has that afghan... and that was 42 years ago... so it has been through a lot of rough and tough use... hugs...Nancy

  8. s.m.higgins@verizon.netMarch 2, 2009 at 5:17 PM

    I crocheted a scarf with cotton yarn that split, the pattern was not easy to figure out and the ends came out really weird.

  9. Giveaway # 5----I absolutely love your tutorials- I have re-learned how to crochet- I had made a couple of baby blankets and scarves almost 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter. you are a fanastic teacher and the hardest thing for me was reading instructions and trying to figure it out. My DH sugested you tube and I found you! I have told everyone I know that if you want to learn how to crochet- check out Teresa on you tube- thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the videos- they are amazing. I really love the hats- my daughters have told me that I have made enough scarves and now I should make some hats to go with them. Thank you!

  10. Hi,
    Love the hats and the dollies are very beautiful.
    I think the hardest thing for me to figure out was rounds as a child/teen. I was learning from a very sick Grandma who had cancer and was trying to teach me the last little bit she could before she passed. She lived with us. I was trying to do rounds on a little turtle. Funny ...I came up with the most curly turtle shell and she just laughed and took it apart and we started over. But the best lesson I had was my Grandma's unconditional love for me. I still make those turtles and can feel her right next to me.
    Thanks for the memory.

  11. The most challenging piece so far was my first doily...only a few weeks ago. I've crocheted since I was 12, but never tackled anything with such small stitches. I made it, though and presented it to a treasured neighbor of ours along with some paper roses I made for Valentine's day. Please enter me for the Giveaway's my birthday, too, by the way!

  12. What cute little hats! I would love to have them!

  13. My toughest project was an afghan that I was working on. I would always lose count and never know where to start again.

  14. Give Away #5

    Love your website. You do lovely work.

    Thank you :)

  15. y mom and I love pineapples! my Gram use to crochet them! all of your things are so pretty!
    bye for now, MaryLynn CP:)

  16. I love your videos, I have referred many folks to them when they have questions, and I have watched several of them even though I have been crocheting for almost 50 years.

  17. First one that was a challenge for me was a black & white checkered scarf I made. I had to carry to alternate color along the stitches while crocheting, which I had not done before. However, the latest challenge was the Lattice Rose Rug, from the March 2009 issue of Crochet! magazine, that I made for my mom's birthday. Mom loved it! :O)

  18. WOw this is exciting :) Yipee a giveaway!

  19. Teresa.I love your site. I go back to it over and over again. I'm a lefty and struggle with many of the patterns. I think your tutorials and patterns are very helpful. One of those hats look like it belongs on my head but then one of those doilys look like they belong in my home. Thanks for offering this contest.


  21. PICK ME!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! Heres my entry Teresa!!!!!!!!

  22. teresa, i do not find any project challenging coz i have the help of your videos.yet,i found the basketweave pattern quite a challenge to do and learn.i was stuck to my monitor when watching you video....


  23. The most difficult thing that I have crocheted was a hooded sweater coat. My gauge was off, so it was huge. It was heavy when it was done, as it turned out to be an XL. Guess I have loosened up my stitches over the years! I really liked it, but it dragged on the ground when I wore it. I won a "Best in show" blue ribbon at the Central Florida Fair in 1998 with it and gave it to a friend.

  24. What a beautiful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love your blog and I refer to your tutorials and patterns every week! I can't wait until my skills improve so I can show off my creations more. If I'm the winner (and I soooo hope I am!!!) you can reach me at

    Thanks again!

  25. The hardest thing I ever did was put over 330 squares together for my very first bedspread (first thing I made for myself). No two squares were the same colors and once I finished. The bedspread weighed over 35 lbs..

    You do great work and I love it all!

    Georgette Schmidt

  26. I love the doilies!!! Erma

  27. What a wonderful giveaway. I love to crochet and find gauge the most challenging issue. I find that my items either come out smaller or larger than they should but that is okay - with most projects this works out okay. Love your blog.

  28. Your work is wonderful! I really love the doilies, wish I had more time to devote to doing that sort of thing!

    Carmen, Frankfort Craft Club

  29. Giveaway # 5

    Love your site; your tutorials have been a very big help and I thanks you for all that you do and all that you give.

  30. Giveaway #5. Was this really only open for one day? Well, I am going to jump in just in case I misunderstood. I just learned to crochet about 2 years ago from a Bev Dillon DVD and the rest I have learned from your You Tube videos. I can't get the hang of the chainless starts. I lose it after about 3 stitches.
    :) Denise

  31. Giveaway #5

    Wow sure hope I'm not too late would love to have these. Thanks. Cheri in Idaho

  32. These are great. Would love to have them. You do such wonderful work.


  33. The projects that are the most challenging for me are the ones with granny squares. I cannot make a granny square to save my life. I have watched and rewatched your tutorials so many times, I just can't do it. I did make a throw for my mom of different squares with different stitching though.

  34. Hi
    I love the doilies. I am in awe
    of anyone that crochet with the
    tin crochet thread. I tip my
    heart to those who can.


  35. Love the doilies. The hats are net
    too. Am in awe of anyone that
    can crochet with crochet cotton/thread. I tip my hat to you.

  36. I would love to be included in your giveaway for the beautiful doilies and hats! Thank you, Kim

  37. Hi Teresa,

    What was difficult for me was the phase when i was trying to learn filet crochet.It was a period where i wanted to do something challenging to take my mind off from being away from family and without a job.I came across you filet patterns and i remember how many times i may have asked you questions to get that filet heart chart right...but the happiness i got when i finished and you commented that it was beautiful made my day...i still feel it is difficult to get the filet patterns the way u want and need to concentrate a lot....Seema

  38. Crocheting anything beyond the chain totally challenged me, for years. Once I figured that out, I've been doing pretty good. My current challenge is the heel of a sock/stocking.
    I've always appreciated your site, thanks!

  39. your work is so beautiful. im just starting off so it is very challenging. im not going to give up! best of luck to all.

  40. Please include me in your giveaway draw? I just sent the link to your site to a friend who cannot yet crochet and wants to learn.

    Great videos - thank you.


  41. My most challenging project was when I got back into crocheting after many years. I was taught to crochetin England. Well I found this nice table topper in a craft magazine and started. It didn't look at all right to me - so I frogged it. Then tried again - frogged it. A friend who has crocheted for more years than I care to imagine came to visit. I showed her the pattern -"Oh". she said - "that is an American pattern - their stitch terminology is different from ours" So she told the different names for stitches and voila! no more problems - I still have that table topper to this day!

  42. Hi Teresa I love all your crocheting tutorials you have taught me so much. Thanks for making the helpful tutorials .I'm always searching your Blogs are Youtube stitch videos for new tutorials.Please enter me in the Crochet Give way #5


  43. Giveaway #5
    I found your blog a few months ago and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you do. The video tutorials are very helpful as well. I have made quite a few items from your patterns. Thanks again & I would LOVE to win the giveaway!!

  44. Giveaway #5
    I love your video tutorials and have recommended them to people wanting to learn to crochet but say they can't. I always offer to teach them myself also so there's no excuse for not learning to crochet!!

  45. Teresa,Iam a beginner in crochet.I love your blogs & pattern instructions.I stumbled upon your youtube videos & finally to your blog.I learned to do traditional granny square from your video tutorial.The instructions were easy for a beginner like me.I did mistakes but played the video again & again till I got it right.Planning to make few more from your work-maybe a scarf.Please do include me also in the give-away

  46. If I win so will Hospice and the Senior center. LORA

  47. give away #5
    I would be honored to be able to own something you have made so please enter my name Pat aka crochetsew

  48. giveaway #5
    I would love to own something you have made crochetsew

  49. shelbymae04@yahoo.comMarch 4, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    I agree with nicbeast as I am a beginner as well, I try new patterns but I can't always figure out what the pattern is saying. I rip out a lot of stitches when I do something wrong!

    P.S. your hats are adorable!

  50. Theresa I love your tutorials...wish they would have been available when I was first learning to crochet 40+ years ago. My mother tried to teach when I was 9 me and it never made sense to me.

    So I quit...until I was pregnant with my eldest son 30 yrs ago. I decided to teach myself how to crocher. And started an afghan and sweater for the soon to be baby. Well the ripple afghan started out one width at the begining and finished 2 inches wider at the end, minus one point. The sweater never did fit right there were mistakes in the left sleeve that made it twist in. But I was so proud of that little set. My son has kept his baby ghan and loves it to this day.

    Pratcie makes perfect and over the years I have made many more afghans and sweaters that fit and are mistake free.

    Bernadette aka mother5boys

  51. this soudns fun!!! first time on your blog

  52. I love your tutorials and find them very helpful when I'm trying to teach someone.I taught myself to crochet from a book 26 years ago and can't find the book so I get my grand daughter and husband to look on your site.
    I love the things you crochet.

  53. The hardest thing for me is following directions. Even with your videos I still manage to make it my own without really trying. Take the starstitch hat. Instead of a hdc I did dc. I pay attention so well. I love your videos and I tell everyone that crochets about them.

    I am finally branching out to other patterns. I have the time now so I hope to help with the linus project.

  54. Right now the hardest thing for me is figuring out where the extra 2 stitches went in this star dish cloth. I started it last night and will frog and actually read the directions this time. Love the doilies!
    >^..^< Kat >^..^<

  55. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has entered so far. I had a typo which made it look like the giveaway was only one day, when in fact it will still be running through Monday March 9. There is no limit on how many times you can enter.


  56. Hi Teresa I guess the thing that took me the longest to crochet was a chicken potholder from Annie's. I took it apart or frogged it 30 times before I figured out I was not decreasing it right. Boy was I glad when I finished that project!!! I was so proud of myself because I figured it out all by myself and made another potholder.

    Brenda Jones

  57. Giveaway #5

    The crocheted item which has taken me the longest to complete is a granny square afghan. It's a king-size afghan and I started it 24 years ago when I was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for colon cancer. I have always said that afghan was also part of my cancer therapy. I even took it to the hospital each time I had to go in for 5 days to receive chemo.

    As I was quite ill at times and was unable to work on it then, it took me over one year to complete.

    I'm very proud of that afghan.

    I have just completed chemotherapy for breast cancer (after having a radical mastectomy) and am working on a join-as-you-go tablecloth in thread. This tablecloth is my therapy this time around. I'm about half way through it. It will be a Christmas gift for my stepson and his wife who live in England (my husband is from Cornwall).

  58. GIVEAWAY#5

    dear teresa,

    Out of the projects which i have done, the most challenging one was a shawl which i made with novelty eyelash yarn.

    Phew, what a tough time i had...the first row..i.e the single chains were easy but from the second row...i jus cud not make out the stitches n ultimately i ended up stitching a ball!!!!!!!! instead of a shawl LOL

    Then i surfed thru ur videos n found ur video on using eyelash yarn along with another yarn....n it WORKED..... finally !!!! ..u can c the pic of that GREAT shawl in my blog..


    vidya george

  59. Thank you for such a great blog. I am learning to crochet and loving it. Your lessons have been the best I've had so far.

    Crochet is so relaxing and something I can do quietly while I sit with my family in the evenings.

  60. Giveaway #5
    The hardest thing I ever made was a table cloth for a Wedding present, there's many mistakes in it but it has lots of Love put in every stitch

  61. i'm just beginning but have gotten a real grasp for pretty much all of it. i can look at a blamket and figure it out for the most part. what im having trouble with is the slanted shell patern. i cant figure out how to finish it!!! haha!

    Katy Ferguson
    Kansas City, MO

  62. The cupcake was a challenge.I can not get the first stich down, the 1/2 double crochet. I am still working on it and watching the clip you have on youtube and maybe i will get it.


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