Crochet Chocolate or Vanilla Cookie

Crochet Chocolate or Vanilla Cookie

Video Tutorial:

Written by Teresa Richardson


MC - Magic Circle
HDC - Half Double Crochet

Exterior Cookie - Make 2
Magic Circle or Chain 4, join.
Round 1: CH 1 pull up, this will not count as a stitch, 12 HDC through the loop, join in the beginning HDC. (12 HDC total)

Round 2: CH 1 pull up, this will not count as a stitch, 2 HDC in ea HDC around, join in the beginning HDC. ( 24 HDC total) Cut off a length of tail for sewing the pieces together.
Secure the magic circle with a knot and sew in the tail.

Magic circle or you can start with a chain 10, join.
CH 1, pull up, 24 HDC through the magic circle. Do not pull the magic circle tight. Adjust the stitches evenly and secure the magic loop with a knot. Sew in all the tails.

Sandwich the exterior pieces, right sides out and the frosting on the inside. Evenly stitch through the cooke to secure all pieces. Knot and sew in the tail when all pieces are secure.

In the video example, I took and hot glued a magnet to the backside of the cookie so it can be displayed on my refrigerator.


  1. I Love them , I Love them .They atre so cute .....never thoughtabout doing something like that.I knew about the cup cake but never a cookie....Thanks for the idea...thank you very much , you're awesome....Blessings !


  2. hi, I'm italian,sorry of my english.
    I love them there are so cute.
    I waiting the video tutorial, because it's so easy to reply.

  3. cinzietta,
    Thank you! Your English is great.

  4. like the cookies! I saw something like this many years ago in a booklet :)


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