What is a Crochet Space?

A crochet space is a general term in crochet. Space can mean anything from a chain 1 to chain 50 or no chains between stitches. Space is not inserting your hook in a stitch. It is being inserted in a space, an empty space. From time to time, I will crochet between stitches. That is the space between stitches. Granny squares will have chain spaces to create the corners of the granny square and help them get larger. The chains in the corners are spaces. I created a video showing crochet space examples.


  1. teresa,thank you so much for the post on crochet space and sunrise granny square.i have started the granny square.


  2. Love your blog and the use of videos sometimes crochet instructions can be overwhelming on paper. I've not yet done a crochet stitch in a space, but I am glad to know this for when I do.

  3. Thank you so much! I am picking up crocheting after many years, and your video reassured me that I was right. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you so much! Your video was very clear. I am picking up crocheting after many years and it reassured me that my assumption was correct. Thanks again.


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