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I have been working on fine tuning my video editing settings, to work with the changes that Youtube has made in converting to HD. In the process I have re-rendered some video's to upload again. I did not realize that I had such a big problem until a couple of people brought it to my attention about a week ago. Thank you very much or I would not have known. I had no idea that some were terribly blurry in some spots upon upload. I started looking in to what the problem might be. I found my answer in Youtube help. The file extension I was using is not compatible with HD so it is necessary for me to render video's in another file extension. I believe I have it worked out now. The month of January does not look to good so there will probably be more that I re-render. The knobby granny is looking pretty clear. I hope this fixes the compatibility issues.

This is a list of some that I have re-rendered.


  1. I just wanted to show you my baby beanie and flower I made using your videos and blog! I am so proud of it! Please check out my blog to see my beanie! It's not the best, but I love it! I have also made 3 since!

  2. Audrey,
    I left you a comment but I do not know if it showed up. The hat is cute along with the precious model.

  3. I'm glad you figured out what was causing the jumpy videos. You work so hard on creating these awesome tutorials that they deserve the best! Thanks for fixing them.


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