Next Granny Square Sneak Peek

This is the project that I am currently working on for the next granny square video tutorial. It may look familiar from the squares that I sent for the Project Linus Squares.


  1. These are really cool looking... Great job!

    I was wondering if you knew by any chance how to make toddler leg warmers/leggings? I am thinking of just making like a rows and then folding it together and seaming it up BUT my thing is what should I do for the bottom and top so that they can be snugged around the thighs and ankles. Any suggestions??


  2. Melanie,

    I actually have a free pattern from for legwarmers. I do know that Teresa has a video on making ribbing. You could use that for the top and bottom. I am constructing arm warmers as we speak using ribbing and my choice of stitch.


  3. Melanie,
    You could make it all in one piece to eliminate the seam, then work a continual round. There would be X amount of stitches for the calf. You will probably need some increase stitches for the thigh. I do not have a pattern made up. I see that Jess has a link for a free pattern. My next suggestion was doing a Google search.

  4. teresa, well in that case would you give me an idea to crocheta headband for a six year old?
    thanks in advance


  5. Teresa and Jess thank you so so much! I will search and try them... If I make them I will take pics and show ya'll...


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