How to do the Crochet Magic Loop Circle

Magic Loop - Magic Circle - Magic Ring
As with many crochet techniques, there may be several names for one technique. That is the case with this crochet skill. The purpose of this technique is to form a nice and tight closure at the beginning of the round. The beginning joined chain and the magic circle are interchangeable with each other in most patterns, so you will decide which one will work best. Both techniques have their benefits and drawbacks.

  • The chain is joined at the beginning to form a nice and solid foundation. You may be left with a large hole. The hole can easily be sewn shut with your beginning length of yarn. You can also gather the stitches by weaving the yarn through the stitches and pulling the hole shut. I like to knot the tail with my chain just to make sure it is secure. I will weave the tail in one direction and then back the other direction to lock and secure the tail.
  • The magic circle will form a nice tight closure upon pulling the tail and drawing the stitches together. The stitches are formed around a single strand of yarn, which would be considered a weaker foundation. It is very important to knot this tecnhique to prevent the center from pulling apart. I recommend no less than 2 very secure knots. Weave the tail in 2 directions to lock and secure. This will help prevent it from coming out. Tails may come out in the wash so that is why knots are very important. If your work is well knotted, you just sew your tail back in, if it should come out after being washed.
Magic Circle

Lefty Magic Circle


  1. Many thanks for this tutorial Theresa - I was going to use this technique to cast on for a circular shawl and hadn't worked out how to do it yet so this was brilliant timing. I have just found your site and I think I will start brushing up on my rusty crochet skills - I just have to remember that you use American crochet terms which are different to the ones we use in England. Again - many thanks.


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