How Do You Use Scrap Thread or Yarn?

How do you like to use up your scrap yarn and thread? You can share ideas and links in the comment section.

I use my
leftover thread to make flowers. The images show a pansy and tulip doily out of scrap thread. Some of the flowers are smaller or larger sizes because the threads are not the same size. It really gives it a unique character with different sizes, especially since flowers in real life are never the same identical size.

The most common way I use up scrap yarn is granny squares. It is also great for embellishing faces on stuffed animals or dolls.


  1. wow, how original. They are lovely.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog via your YouTube videos, and just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the time & effort you put into your great work for all of us other crochet fans to learn and enjoy.

    Oh, and I use my cotton scraps in dishcloths. Other scraps become random stripes in other projects, coasters, or ties & bows for gift wrap.

  3. It all really depends on how much of "scrap" yarn/thread I have. Right now the little bit I have been having left over I have been making into these simple tiny butterflies to use for fridiges or hair clips. The tread ones are just right size for applying to a childs dress even

  4. You really want to know what I do with my scraps? LOL I have a ball of yarns scraps in my closet that I ahve ben winding for about a year now, its the size of a basketball and someday, I am going to make an afghan out of it. LOL

  5. Harold2,
    That is a great idea. I remember way back when, before I knew how to crochet well, there was this woman who was making an afghan in single crochet all out of scrap yarn. She has already completed 1 and was on the second. It was really pretty and looked warm.

  6. I Mostly use mine to make flower , leaves , for small applique , for edges , littles bows , ect. but never trash them.You alwaus have something to make with them and never now when need them.Thanks.



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