Crochet Cupcakes Anyone?

Cupcakes will be coming up soon. When my son was a baby I had a crochet cookie that I would hand him. It always went straight to his mouth. I wonder if the cupcakes would have been as convincing.


  1. I'd love this cupcake pattern - will you post it?

  2. annemarie,
    I will be posting it. Right now the patterns are partially written and partially still in my head. The picture shows two patterns. They are fun to make. I have a third one that will be a surprise.

  3. Oh those are so cute!!!!!! My great niece would have a ball with those. Cant wait til you post the pattern. Anxiously awaiting. LOLOLOLOL

  4. i to will be a waiting this pattern my two yr loves to "cook" in her kitchen play set .. these would make great toys for her..

  5. Thank you Teresa! And...thank you for all the effort you put into helping us out! I can't tell you how many times I have come back to your blog here to get help. You do a great job explaining/teaching.

    I will look forward to the cupcake patterns along with the surprise one as well. :O)


  6. OH Teresa! I am soooo excited about these! I absolutely love cupcakes!

  7. I really like your cupcake pattern. What a great idea to give to friends on their birthday for a pincusion.

  8. Hey Teresa,

    That's a great project you will be starting. Wont miss by anychance.

    when is the giveaway results out...waiting for it desperately too...LOL

  9. can't wait to see the cupcake pattern. so cute!

  10. i can not wait for your instructions for the cupcakes, i have been trying and trying, i get something, but not very well, something im missing i guess ..
    yours are wonderful ... im ready with hook and yarn !


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