Simply Elegant Crochet Motif & Needle Case

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Simply Elegant Motif 

Pattern Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Simply Elegant Crochet Motif & Needle Case

SK- Skip
SP - Space
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
CH - Chain

Chain 5, join
Round 1: CH 2 (does not count as stitch), 12 DC through the chain loop, join.
Round 2: CH 2 (does not count as stitch), 2 DC in ea DC around. (24 Double Crochet Total)Round 3: Ch 2, 1 DC, CH 2, 2 DC, in the same space. Skip 1 DC, * 2 DC, CH 2, 2 DC, sk the next DC, complete 11 times from*, join.Round 4: SL ST to CH 2 SP. CH 3, 2 DC, CH 2, 3 DC in CH 2 space. * 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC in the next CH 2 space. Complete 11 times total from *, join.Round 5: SL ST to CH 2 SP. CH 3, 2 DC, CH 2, 3 DC in CH 2 space CH 1 * 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC in the next CH 2 space, CH 1. Complete 11 times total from *, join.Round 6: SL ST to CH 2 space, CH 2, 3 DC, CH 2, 4 DC, CH 2, SC between shells, blow round 4, CH 2. *4 DC, CH 2, 4 DC, CH 2, SC between shells, below round 4, CH 2, Complete from * 11 times total, join when finished with the round.

Needle Case
2 Crochet Motifs
3 - 4" felt circles
Sewing thread
Sewing Needle

Sandwich the 3 felt circles together, between each crochet motif. Double check to make sure the right side of each motif is facing outward. When everything is aligned, sew a secure seam across the top of the sandwiched motifs. You can also do this with your sewing machine.


  1. Your crochet is very beautiful.Infact am learning to crochet from ur tutorials on youtube . Thank you very much.

  2. Hello My name is Myriam I'm from Argentina. I can't write in English but I can understand your patterns. I hope your visit my blog:, Thank you, Myriam

  3. Myriam,
    You have a very nice blog. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hello Teresa, great motif, I have crochet this one in yarn and using for placement under vase and coaster. I really love this pattern. Thank you for sharing. Please visit my blog to see pics and read more,current entry. Not sure if you check your GMail, but I have sent you an enquiry about a pullover.
    Thanks MonikaROse.

  5. MonikaRose,
    Thank you. I check my e-mail several times a day. What question did you have about your pullover?

  6. I've been learning how to crochet from various books, and I have finally found your website, which I love! Often I find it easier to watch you than just to read the instructions. One question, what sort of yarn would you use to make one of these? The yarn looks so thin and delicate.

  7. Hi I'm Gi-ri from India. My village women are the 'Lacemakers of Narsapur'. I found your site first in YouTube. We felt it great, as my women don't understand english, but started praising your skills. We share with you the designs we do, if you are interested. Thank you.

  8. pansiri,
    Thank you very much. I would like to see your designs. I bet they are beautiful.

  9. Billie,
    I used size 10 crochet cotton. You could do it with a smaller yarn sport weight 2 or 3 ply yarn if you are not comfortable with thread.

  10. Hai Teresa,
    I'm a big fan of your crochetwork. Crocheted allmost everything you posted on your youtubechannel.

    Now i'm very much into this kind of elegant crochet patterns. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hi Teresa,

    I am trying to do this crocheting pattern on Youtube, but I didn't understand what kind of hook you used. Is it the US1\2.35mm hook? Thanks! If you could email me, or comment on my blog, I would appreciate it. :)


  12. Hi Teresa,
    My name is Randy. I've recently gone through rehab for chemical dependency and found myself in need of a hobby. For some strange reason I thought of checking out YouTube to see if anyone posted videos of crochet work and how to's. I started with the motif or doily then went to the puppy sweater. I still have to look at your videos to be able to complete a project but I really enjoy it. I do however have a favor to ask...I have a sister that really likes doilies but the only pattern I know of is the motif you made for your pins and needles. Can you direct me to something that's a little more challenging? I'd prefer something from you because your camera takes the perfect shots plus you make out look so easy. Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RT.

    1. Hi Randy,
      Have you see my Crochet Doily Tranquility?

  13. Hi Teresa,

    I would like to thank you for all your tutorials ! I learnt crochet with you and I love the way you make the tutorials! I made this motif in many colors and it looks wonderful. Thank you again !!! You are a wonderful crochet teacher. Florentina( Romania-Brazil)

  14. Hi there
    Love the design. Any suggestions on how to join the motifs together to create a tablecloth?


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