Day of Service

Today is a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. here in America. It is also recognized as a day of service, where people are going out in to the community to provide help for charitable organizations. People who crochet have a very generous spirit, through out the year. That is part of the genetic makeup of a crocheter. What I would like, is for everyone to share contact information for charity organizations that are in need of items such as hats, scarves, baby blankets, afghans or any organization that is special to you. Please include an address or website where we can locate the information to send items. If you don't have an address, that is alright, Please feel free to comment anyway.


  1. Hello Teresa, yet another laudable effort to introduce people to various other aspects apart from crocheting ! I only have a link to give, which I had found long ago and it has more than a handful of links of charities that accept handmade items. Now that you started this topic, maybe this link could come handy...

  2. hey its me again. this one caught my attention from amongst those links. Both knitting & crochet...there's a campaign running through till end of this month. Details are right on the following link.

  3. hey teresa, this is a commendable act from your side.though i m not familiar with any charity org, i would like to follow the same here ,atleast in the place i live,btw would you please post a pattern for a bag or if you have posted one,please provide the link.thanks...

  4. Always the best, and one I've been a member of for years...

    They take 12" squares, some depending on the project being worked on, some specifically for family members of deceased members of our military in this War On Terror.

  5. Pratyush,
    Thank you. Right now we need to share as much as we can. Everyone one is struggling but some are more than others. Just one hat or scarf may make a big difference in someone's life throughout the cold winter months.

  6. Project Night Night
    I am just found out about this organization. Under the "donate" tab is a list of what they need and the sizes of blanket they are looking for and donation sites.

  7. This is not technically an organization but a few book reviewers, authors, and I have gotten together and are collecting items to set to Iraq and Astan. Everyone is mailing their items to mail and I am shipping them out to my contacts via Flat Rate Boxes. Perhaps you'd be interested in making a few hats to send?


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