Progress on 2009 Winter Special Olympic Crochet Scarves

I have completed my two scarves for the 2009 Winter Special Olympics. They are both approximately 52 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. I am putting together a video tutorial and instructions for the scarf. I made them extra wide because I know how bitter cold it can get in the winter. A wider scarf it good for covering up the face and keeping it warm.
It will be very easy to modify the width, to make a thinner scarf. I love the galaxy stitch. The whole project worked up really well.


  1. Those are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait until you can get the instructions/video up so I can try this!

    You are a Crochet Goddess ^_^

  2. Zola Rayne,
    Thank you, I am in the process of uploading the video.

  3. Hi Teresa,
    It took me a long time to find the right color of blue and against my better judgement, I braved WalMart this morning and found it. (So, so crowded!) I will check back later tonight for the video!!

  4. Denise,
    I had a hard time finding it myself when I went on my search but I finally found it.

  5. pls let me know where is the video for this and i want more scarves pattern pls. thanks in advance. will be waiting for your video on this as i will start this scarf.. pls let me know.


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