How to Straighten the Edge of a Crochet Shell - Crochet Tip 33

In the image above, The right side of the shell hat has been filled in with staggered stitches.

1. Slip Stitch = SL ST
2. Single Crochet = SC
3. Half-Double Crochet = HDC
4. Double Crochet = DC
5. Half-Double Crochet = HDC
6. Single Crochet = SC
7. Slip Stitch = SL ST

Video Tutorial:
How to Straighten the Edge of a Crochet Shell Stitch
The video tutorial shows where to put the stitches.

The key to straighten a scallop or uneven crochet edge is to stagger stitches. This technique will work with any type of uneven edge. You may need to experiment with various stitches if you are straightening something other than the shell, until you get the right edge for your pattern stitch.


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