How to Stitch a Front Post Double Crochet

Video Tutorial: Front Post Back Post

Video Tutorial: Lefty Front Post Back Post

Written by Teresa Richardson

Wrap the yarn over your crochet hook. This next step will show the front post double crochet. The stitch will be worked around the post of the previous double crochet.

Step 2

Insert your hook to the right side of your next stitch.

Step 3

Bring it around the back and up on the left side of the stitch.

Step 4

Wrap the yarn over your crochet hook.

Step 5

Pull your yarn through. You will be pulling it behind the post of the previous double crochet. This will give you 3 loops on your hook.

Step 6

Complete your double crochet the same way that a double crochet is created.

Step 7

The placement of the hook and yarn create a raised stitch. Sometimes it is difficult to see the results with the first few stitches. As you progress in your work, the texture will start to take place.


  1. Thank you Teresa!

  2. teresa,
    i m almost done with the todddler slippers. It looks great.Thanks a ton! I was struggling with fpdc these days.. thanks again for the tutorial and video.


  3. teresa,
    me again here.i was goin through your earlier posts..they are really inspiring, specifically one post in which you have said crocheting comes thro practice...really true. i too have a toddler and when i m getting the hang of a pattern he will wake up or pull the yarn.. Thank you so much for the posts,tutorials and videos you have posted till now.


  4. Pratyush,
    You are welcome. Post a comment or write if you need help with something. I may already have a tutorial made up with what you are looking for.

  5. Oh I really like the texture this stitch brings!! THANK YOU! ♥Mannie,

  6. Mannie Vincent,
    You are welcome. :)


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