How to Slip Stitch Across a Crochet Stitch

1-2: Insert your hook under the two loops of the stitch
3: Wrap the yarn over your hook
4: Pull the strand of yarn through the loops at the top of the stitch and through the loop on the hook. You have completed your slip stitch.

Video Tutorial:
How to Slip Stitch across Crochet Stitches
Video Tutorial:
Crochet 101: SLIP STITCH
The purpose of the slip stitch is to join and to get someplace else.
  1. The slip stitch will attach a new color of yarn to your project.
  2. The slip stitch will join stitches together at the end of a round.
  3. It will attach squares or motifs in join-as-you-go projects.
  4. The slip stitch will travel in getting you from one stitch to another stitch. Think back to when you were a kid. Maybe you wanted to sneak a cookie or play outside a little longer and not be noticed. That is what slip stitching does when you are moving across stitches. It takes you from one stitch to another without being noticed. It saves you from cutting yarn and sewing in a lot of tails later.


  1. Thanks for all your help.....

  2. I do the stitch just as you have and I've always done it that way, but what I can't understand is why I always have a visible "seam" vertically where the slip stiches are in each row. What do you think I might be doing incorrectly and/or what would you recommend so that I avoid this? Thanks for any help.


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