First Crochet Project

The first project that I completed and didn't throw away, was a baby afghan for my son. It was done with the shell pattern stitch and three colors of blue. It had a white edging. How I wish I had a picture of that afghan. I thought I did but I am not able to find it. You all would get a big kick out of it and the horrendous colors I put together. The blues may have been alright but I don't know what I was thinking with a white border.

I am including a picture from a trip to Universal Studios California in 1987 of me and my two kids, Amanda and Justin. Caleb was not born yet. I had been crocheting about 4 years and decided to make a sweater, which is the one I am wearing in the picture. This sweater project is where I learned in detail about crochet gauge and how to improvise when things are not working quite like they should be. I was very happy with the sweater in how it turned out and loved to wear it. The sweater pattern is from an old Crochet Fantasy magazine. Please share a crochet first of yours.


  1. My first crochet piece was a rag rug, the second was a hat. I am still learning how to read patterns and do more then a basic stitch so I can do nicer looking things which don't make little kids laugh/smile. That isn't a bad thing though I guess.

  2. Hi Teresa, hope you are enjoying your holidays! My 1st crochet pattern, and that which turned out as it should be (:-)), was the small heart purse, which I found from your site ! I just followed your video and it was done even before I realised !!! My toddler loves that purse ! I remember sending you a photo of my work few months ago.and ever since, crocheting has become my favorite hobby !!! :-)

  3. teresa, my first crochet project was the baby beanie which i learnt with the help of your came out really well!!!

  4. My first pattern was a jewelry roll from a child's crochet book. I then did a bath bag. After I found amigurumi and did a ball then an octopus. For the octopus, I used the wrong crochet hook size so it came out much bigger than I expected. It was my first lesson on gauge. ;-)

  5. Hi Teresa,
    God bless you for doing tutorials for people like us and absolutely free.I've been looking for a knitting/crochet teacher high and low for about a year and when I gave up my hope I discovered you on youtube.I'm addicted now to your videos and blog. My first project was baby beanie hat & scarf I made for my daughter and since then I can't put my hook down.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tatiana

  6. Hi Teresa,
    My first crochet project was a scarf with curls at the end. The yarn was not me, but it came out just great. My coworker just loved it, so I gave it to her. I than went onto afghans, hats ponchos and scarves with the seed stitch pattern I got from you. Thanks so much for all your help. I follow your youtube instructions and everything comes out great.

  7. Teresa, My first real crochet project was when my future husband was away at college and we were engaged for 4 years. I decided to make him an aphgan, but all I knew how to do, other than single crochet, was that ripple pattern (looks like a zig-zag, right?). Well...4 years is a long time...and this aphgan is the size of TWO king size beds! LOL. We still have it...and I have leftover yarn still, lol. It is a HEAVY thing to carry...but it's great for snuggling together on the couch while watching a movie. :)

  8. My first project back in the late 50's was a poodle bottle cover that covered either a wine bottle or whiskey bottle they were all the rage back then. My mother taught us whithout a pattern. It was probably a good project because you had to increase and decrease and make pom poms for the end of the ears and the top of the head.The first project I used a pattern with was a baby blanket for my son made out of granny squares. I knew how to make a granny square but I didn't know how to read a pattern. I kept frogging the granny square and remaking it until I could read the pattern It was also blue and white.

  9. My very first project was a scarf. I decided to make myself a nice winter scarf. We were expecting several days of snow with no where to go, and I was soooo tired of saying, "I can't crochet". I decided to get with it. I purchased a small book at walmart, some yarn and hooks. What a disaster! Finally someone at another forum I'm on suggested youtube and the rest is history! Your videos have been indispensible. I did have one session where a lady helped me in person with a hat I was making. With your videos and that one session I am beginning to get it down! I did get that scarf made, however once my daughter saw what I was doing she wanted it. Then my husband wanted one... I still haven't completely finished mine because I have moved on to more complicated projects. However, without your instructional videos I would never have gotten far on that first scarf and might have given up yet again!! Thanks so much!


  10. my first crochet project was in fourth grade; i sewed together a star for a art project and i wanted to give the star a cape for some reason so i learned how to crochet and made a cape. it turned out so bad, but hey it was the first thing i ever crocheted and i was really young!


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